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Transportation Inside Disneyland

Transportation Inside Disneyland

 When Walt Disney created Disneyland he had several things that were important to him. Both required building some form of transportation systems in the park.

First and foremost Walt Disney said there had to be a train around his park. With his love of trains that only stands to reason. The train and to circle the entire park and at the opening of the park the Disneyland & Santa Fe Railroad did circle the park. From the opening of the park until Walt’s death the D&SFRR was owned by the RETLAW Company. If you look at the name you will see the name is Walter spelled backwards. In other words Walt owned the railroad not the Disney Company or Disneyland! With the decline of the railroad the Santa Fe Railroad company dropped its sponsorship of the railroad at Disneyland and the name was changed to the Disneyland Railroad. At opening all the two trains, CK Holiday and EP Ripley had speed indicators that said Disneyland & Santa Fe Railroad on them. Today only the one remains.

Also at opening the Main Street Vehicles were in operation. These include the Horse Drawn Streetcars, Horseless Carriage, Car, Fire Truck and the Double Decker Omni Bus. These are still in operation today. The number of vehicles depends on the number of people in the park on any given day. When the park gets too full these may shut down for guest safety as Main Street gets too crowded with foot traffic.

The Train and Main Street Vehicles add greatly to the atmosphere of Main Street and bring guests into the feel of the era. The MSV are also a great way to get from the Town Square area of MS to the Central Hub of the park eliminating some walking. It is also a great way to get back from the Hub to the Town Square and eliminate steps. Sure can save your Disney abused feet!

Besides adding to the atmosphere of Main Street the Trains also are a practical way to get from one area of the park to another and save your feet. Hop on at Main Street and save the walk to New Orleans Square, Toontown, or Tomorrowland. You can get on or off at any stop!

Tomorrowland also has its own transportation, besides the Disneyland Railroad Train Station. The Monorail was originally designed to take guests from the park to the Disneyland Hotel. Today its stop is in Downtown Disney and ends near the Disneyland Hotel. This is a great way to save on the walk from the park to the Downtown area and the Disneyland Hotel. It also has the advantage today of usually having a shorter security check line for getting into the parks when you get on at DTD. On days the park has to stop admissions due to crowds the Monorail entrance in DTD may be the only way to get into Disneyland. One person gets off the Monorail coming out of the park and one gets on to go into the park.

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