Monday, November 26, 2012

Toontown at Christmas!

Toontown at Christmas!

Toontown is where Mickey, Minnie and the other toons live. There is lots of decorations up in Toontown during the holidays.

Each of the shops real and just for looks is decorated in keeping with the general theme of the shop. I will be honest and say it is not as decorated as it was years ago.

It is fun to see each of the characters homes decorated to fit the personality of their home. From color to how the lights and decorations are placed on the house. Minnie is minimal and all girl. Pink and pretty is the theme for Minnie. Mickey is clean and bright. All cheer and fun for him. The house that is all patched together and the decorations look like they might fall off is Goofy’s.

Daisy’s Diner has her namesake flower in the garland. Pluto’s Dog House, hot dog stand has ornaments that make you think of blobs of mustard and ketchup. The Watch Shop has gears in the garland. The Toontown Fire Station has fire hydrants in the garland.

There is a wreath above the Roger Rabbit’s Cartoon Spin with ‘Santa Roger’ in the middle.

Hope you enjoyed a look at Christmas Time in Toontown.

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