Thursday, November 1, 2012

Disney Buys Lucasfilm!

Disney Buys Lucasfilm!

I’m sure you have heard that the Disney Company has purchased Lucasfilm. You may be wondering why and if it is a good match. I say simply YES!!

Star Wars, the largest of the Lucasfilm franchises is already a part of Disney Parks and has been for a long time. The Disneyland Star Tours opened in 1987 so it has been part of the parks for 25 years. Indian Jones is at both DLR and WDW already as well. There is a show at WDW and a ride at DLR.

Lucasfilms, much like Disney has focused on ‘Family Friendly’ entertainment and pushed the advancement of film technology. Many of the current cutting edge special effects were created by Industrial Light and Magic, a part of Lucasfilm that was purchased by Disney.

George Lucas had retained ownership of Lucasfilm and I believe he wanted to assure his vision for films made by the company he founded continued. I think he made the right choice in Disney. Disney had already shown respect for the Star Wars franchise in how they have done Star Tours and Star Wars Weekends. There is also the Jedi Academy show at DLR. Disney has treated Indiana Jones with equal respect.

Could we and should we expect to see more of the Lucasfilm characters around the park? Why not? Many great movies have come out of Lucasfilm with numerous characters worthy of having a place in Disney parks!

I can see characters from the American Graffiti films around the 50’s Prime Time Café or even Mama Melrose’s. Characters from Land Before Time could be in the Animal Kingdom around Dinoland. I will be honest and say I believe Star Wars is a much better fit for Disney than Avatar. I think Disney would do better to scrap plans for Avatarland and instead expand Dinoland with characters from Land Before Time. Indiana Jones could be expanded with more shows and rides. Star Wars can expand more in Tomorrowland with new rides and shows. I can see more Storm Troopers and Jedi running around the parks. There are many more that can be brought out to play!

Star Wars Episode VII is in development and the plan is for a 2015 release with Episodes VIII and IX  to follow but release dates are to be announced. This is good news for Star Wars Fans!

All in all I feel this is a good match! I’m looking forward to seeing how this continues to develop.

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