Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pin Shark Feeding Frenzy ~ How Disneyland Blew It . . . Again!

Pin Shark Feeding Frenzy ~
How Disneyland Blew It . . . Again!

Once again Disneyland lost control of the pin situation. The stated rules for the Piece of the Movie monthly pin are wristband handed out at 7 am day of release and no lining up before 6 am. 2 pins per person.

First off the release date for this highly prized pin was originally set for Thanksgiving Day then moved to the Friday after Thanksgiving. This is one of the busiest days in the parks. Last year they moved the release date to the 3rd Thursday from the 4th Thursday to keep it away from Thanksgiving.

Second mistake was not doing something about the people that broke the rules and started lining up for the wristbands at 5 pm Thanksgiving Day! Disney Cast Members say they tried to chase them off but they kept coming back. By 10 pm Disney gave up chasing them away and the line grew! Very few people that got in line after 6 am got pins.

Within a couple of hours of the pins going up for sale they were on e-Bay going for $100-$500 per pin! One seller had 4 pins to sell. Wait the limit is 2 per person how could they have 4?

Now how could Disney handled the situation differently?
1.     The Downtown Disney area is NOT public property it is Disney property. They can shut it down and make people leave if they so choose.
2.    When people refuse to leave say thank you for your interest in the wonderful pin. Here is your wristband. When they come back they are told, “You broke the rules by lining up way to early. You are not allowed to attempt to purchase a pin until all those that got wristbands following the rules have made their purchases. In other words come back after 1 pm.
3.    If they refuse to follow the rules revoke their Annual Pass if they have one. Most of the sharks have Annual Passes and this would hit them hard as they would have to pay full price for pins and only get them at the Downtown Disney pin store.

In truth I don’t blame Disney for this problem I blame the people that are willing to pay the crazy prices for these pins on e-Bay. They are creating a market and a feeding the frenzy. They are encouraging this rude, disgraceful and un-Disney like behavior.

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