Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Finding Nemo Submarine Ride

Finding Nemo Submarine Ride

For almost 10 years the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Submarine Lagoon sat empty waiting for new life to be put into it. Then a little Pixar film named Finding Nemo gave new life to the area.

The Finding Nemo ride uses the same submarines that were used for the original 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ride. Imagineers were quite surprised to find the subs were in good enough condition after almost 10 years of being mothballed and being near 50 years old to use.

The Finding Nemo Ride does not retell tell the story of the movie but instead takes you on a new adventure that happens after the movie. You start off the ride leaving port in Australia and heading out to enjoy learning about the ocean and in particular the Great Barrier Reef. You see divers and evidence that the sea has destroyed some ancient seaside civilizations.

After a while the underwater hydrophone is turned on and you can listen to the fish talk. You hear Marlin calling out for Nemo and talking to Dore about how Nemo has wondered off again with one of his little friends in tow. The rest of the ride is spent in one misadventure or another as you search for the lost Nemo.

At the end of the ride the Captain of the submarine makes comment about Sea Serpents and Mermaids. If you are looking closely out the window at that moment you might just see a Sea Serpent or Mermaid paying homage to the original rides Sea Serpent and the Mermaids that use to swim in the Sub Lagoon years ago. (Yes, there were REAL Mermaids that use to swim in the lagoon back in the early 1960’s)

This attraction requires that you climb down and back up a set of spiral stairs. The ride is also a bit claustrophobic. If you have a problem with stairs or confined spaces I suggest you use the ‘Observation Room’. You can tell the Cast Member when you get to the front of the line about your problem and they will guide you to the observation room where you can watch a ‘monitor’ that shows exactly what is seen from one of the many observation ports in the subs.

If you have a GAP (Guest Assistance Pass) I suggest you show it to a Cast Member before getting into line so they can tell you where to enter the line. Some GAP cards allow the guest to go up the exit of this attraction while others have a different entry point. Your entry point is determined by your needs.

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