Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christmastime on Buena Vista Street!

Christmastime on Buena Vista Street!

When Disney California Adventure opened it was all a California theme with very little else. There was not even much in the way of ‘Disney’. The main entrance area was a semi modern era street with shops and not much else. When Christmas rolled around not much was done to decorate. Yes Santa was there but it often felt strange. Sunshine Plaza put garland and a giant wreath on what was then the Golden Gate Bridge.

Santa was in DCA. Some years Santa was dressed in mountain man gear and sitting on a wood chair over by Grizzly Falls. He had on green mountain pants and Pendleton plaid shirt. Later Santa went to a beach theme with board shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. They had Sandcastles and other beach type things to add to the atmosphere. Somehow this never seemed just right.

Over the last five years many changes were made and Santa made his last appearance at the “beach”. The Sunshine Plaza is gone and is now Buena Vista Street is where you enter. BVS is a 1920s era street. It is alive with activity, unlike the old Sunshine Plaza.

BVS is beautifully decorated for the holidays. The decorations match the theme of the area and era. There is a general theme but each shop has its own sub theme.

Santa has moved. He is now inside of the Elias & Company ‘department’ store. He is the classic Santa sitting on his classic Santa throne as he would have in any 1920s department store.

Outside of the Elias & Company is a huge Christmas Tree. Before this there was no central DCA Christmas Tree. The DCA tree was moved from location to location and never had a spot near the entrance or in a central area. Today’s Christmas Tree welcomes and draws you into the park. Under the tree there is a stack of toys and packages. There is also a train under the tree. Sadly it does not roll around the tree. The train sits still puffing smoke. Next to the engine is a ‘barn’. This barn is special for the true Disney fan. It is a copy of Walt’s backyard train barn where he worked on his small scale trains, the Carolwood Railroad.

I hope they continue this trend of decorating the park for holidays. I can see more being done for all holidays.

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