Thursday, November 15, 2012

Can you tell me what this is?

Can you tell me what this is?

Some of you that have been to Disneyland over the years may well be able to tell me what this is. For those that do not know let me share a bit of Disney fun and behind the scenes magic.

When Walt Disney was designing Disneyland he considered not only the sights and sounds but also the smells. In particular he wanted Main Street to ‘smell’ like a well-established beautiful Main Street, Anywhere, USA. He knew that when you walked down your hometown Main Street you not only saw and heard what was going on in the local shops you smelt them.

Walt knew that Coffee from the Main Street Market House would l sent the air through the open doors. The restaurants would also supply a wonderful aroma as the platters of food came out from the kitchens. There is one wonderful shop that Walt knew would have fantastic smells BUT because of all the glass around it to keep the location sanitary for making the goodies would not provide the smells he wanted.

Candy Kitchen is a fantastic place to watch handmade sweets being made. It is one of the last places to get handmade Candy Canes during the holidays! People often call the Candy Kitchen to find out what is being made so they can plan to stop by and watch as the treats are being made and then get some when it comes fresh out of the kitchen.

Candy Kitchen has 3 vents under the main window that faces Main Street. During most of the year the scent of Vanilla would come wafting out of these vents. During the holiday season the wonderful aroma of Mint was picked by Walt to draw people to the window to watch the candy makers. These scent blowing vents have not been working for years but have never been removed. I hope someday they are repaired and we can once again smell Vanilla and Mint throughout the year.

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