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An Angel Remembers 25 Voices of Christmas ~ Nahem's Lullaby

An Angel Remembers 25 Voices of Christmas

Today is Thanksgiving and I decided to share a story from my book. I hope you don't mind.
An Angel Remembers 25 Voices of Christmas is a collection of short stories I wrote for my daughter for Christmas. I wrote it as a way to share the story of Christmas and make it more alive for her without changing the story. I wrote them as an advent collection intending them to be read one each day during the month of December leading up to Christmas.
Each story is the account of the events leading to the birth of Christ as told by someone we either know was there, because they are mentioned in the Biblical account or someone we can guess was there.
Last year I decided to self e-publish my book.
It is available at the following bookseller websites:
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It is also available at for ALL ereaders and even as a downloadable PDF for the computer.

This is the story of little Nahem, an angel sent from heaven to comfort baby Jesus. This story shows how even the smallest can be a blessing and be used by God. We know from Biblical accounts that angels attended Jesus. So this is my thoughts as to what may have happened.


I was always told that I was “too little” to do anything important. I was too little to take messages to important people. My voice is too soft to be heard in the chorus. I’m not strong enough to fight like Michael. But I still got the best job of all!!
I kept begging to help out when Jesus came to the earth. I really wanted to take the messages Mary or Joseph, but they said no one would believe me. I asked to be in the chorus that sang to the shepherds. I was told my voice would not be heard. I hoped that I would be asked to help with the star that heralded Jesus’ birth. I was told my wings are too tiny and would not keep me up long enough. I was beginning to feel that I would not be able to help at all! Everyone else got to help but me. Everyone kept telling me to go sit on a cloud out of the way.
Then Gabriel heard me singing to myself. He said he had a very special job for me! He needed an angel with a very special kind of voice. A voice suited to singing to a small child, and able to calm a child down when upset. Would I sing for Jesus when He cried!? He asked if I would sing for Jesus!! It would be my pleasure and joy to sing for Jesus!! Would you like to hear one of the lullabies I sang for Him??

Hush - a – hush a – hush – a bye. Hush now Jesus don’t you cry.
Your Father watches from on High. Hush – a – hush – a - hush – a – bye.

Hush – a – hush – a – hush – a – bye. You need rest now. Close your eyes.
You’ll save the world your love is why. Hush- a – hush – a – hush – a – bye.

When Jesus laughed, it was as if all the sorrow of the world melted like snow on the first bright day of Spring. He knew the greatest joy was in doing His Father’s will. When He cried it was as if the deepest, darkest part of the Pit had been opened. All I could do to comfort Him was to sing a lullaby. Even as a little baby He knew His Father’s will for His life. He knew what was going to happen to Him. He knew that He would go through many horrible things before He could go back to His Father in Heaven. This was His sorrow and His Joy. He knew He was giving live and love to all mankind. I liked making Him happy when He cried.
It was my joy to sing for Him. It was not work. You know you can never be too small or too weak to do things for the Lord. All you need is a big heart and willingness to serve!

©Copyrighted Material By Carolyn Hoagland 1995 Revised July 2010

           The song does have a tune. I took the tune from a lullaby I wrote for my daughter and she would cry late at night. Even the words are similar.

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