Monday, November 5, 2012

Pirates have Invaded New Orleans Square!

Pirates Have Invaded New Orleans Square!

Ahoy Maties! Pirates have invaded New Orleans Square!! Be not worried, it is only the Bootstrappers!

The Bootstrappers are a fun Pirate Band that plays anywhere from Royal Street to the French Market in New Orleans area of Disneyland. The songs are salty and fun with a good bounce. Beware they may try to plunder your treasure as they play their music and dance for your entertainment. Maybe they are playing to distract you while they plunder you booty.

This fun band is just another addition to the ambiance of New Orleans. As you go around the area you hear music and announcements from the Mart Twain and Sailing Ship Columbia. Other bands also play in the area. There is also New Orleans jazz playing when live performances are not happening. So the next time you are at Disneyland stop for a few and listen to the sounds of New Orleans!

Enjoy the video:

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