Monday, April 30, 2012

When Disney Fans Unite A Little Pixie Gets a Bike!

When Disney Fans Unite

A Little Pixie Gets a Bike!


If you have been following my blog for the last couple of months you have hears bout Walt’s Basement doing a fund raiser to get a special bike for a precious little Pixie with special needs. The goal has been reached and Kaitlyn now has her bike! It was delivered last week and on last Sunday she was surprised with it.

Kaitlyn has Traumatic Brain Injury. The bike is designed to improve the strength in her weak left leg. It also will help her develop emotionally by helping her build her confidence. All the way around it will help her.

Kaitlyn’s family could not afford the bike on their own. This type of special made bike as a price take of $3,800!

Kaitlyn loves her bike so much she insisted on sleeping on it the first night.


Here is a video of Kaitlyn riding her bike for the first time.

I must give a shout out to the following sites for helping spread the word and help Kaitlyn’s dream come true.

I would like to thank the several Disney Fan Sites that have helped to spread the word about Kaitlyn's need. PLEASE if you are looking for a good Disney fix on the web or just wanting to spend time chatting about things Disney check out the following sites.

Walt's Basement

First on the list is Walt's Basement. Walt's started the ball rolling and sounded the Pixie Bells calling for Pixie Dust. Kaitlyn's mother is an active part of Walt's Basement. Spreading Pixie Dust is part of Walt's Mission Statement.

This is the blog of the Evil (yet very gracious) leader of Walt’s Basement. She is the one who set the standard for Walt’s Basement and the way we try to spread Pixie Dust as far and wide as we can.

Disney Royal Ladies Pod Cast

Disney Royal Ladies Pod Cast answered the call to join in when they were told the story. Thank you!! You are truly Royal Ladies! Kathy your kindness warms my heart.

Reedy Creek Radio

Reedy Creek Radio is a wonderful place to relive your trips to the park by listening to music from the parks. You can also get a sampling of wonderful Disney Blogs from all over the web. Reedy Creek Radio finds good blogs and shares them with their followers and listeners on their site and by twitter. Amazing team at Reedy Creek sharing Disney Magic from all over the web.

I must say second big Thank You to Reedy Creek Radio personally from me. Many of you are reading my blog now because Reedy Creek shared it starting June of last year. That is when I went from a seldom read blog to a blog gaining in views every day.

DAPS Magic

Disneyland Annual Passholders Magis (DAPS) Magic was also quick to answer the request to share the story and tweeted it out to their many followers when asked. I did not have to ask twice. Thank you for the warm and positive response to the request! Truly magical talking to you Mr. DAPS! Hope to chat with you again soon!

Hats off to you Mr. DAPS!!

Magic 24/7

Magic 24/7 plays Disney Music online. Good site to enjoy. Magic 24/7 read my first blog and shared with their fans. THANK YOU MAGIC 24/7!!

City Stroller Rentals

City Stroller Rentals is a great company that supplies all your baby/child care needs when you are at any resort in the So California area or Bay Area of California. They will deliver a stroller, car seat, booster seat, portable crib and another child care item you need to your resort hotel. It is great to be able to take your stroller back to the hotel with you at the end of a day at the parks! You can even take them from the Disney Parks to other amusement parks or even the beach!

City Stroller made a donation based on the rentals of their purple double and purple single strollers for the month of March!! If you are in Southern or Northern Calif. and need a stroller or ANY baby need these are the people to contact!!

On Facebook!/pages/City-Stroller-Rentals-Serving-Northern-and-Southern-California/186775051354668


aahhhhhh...that feeling on Main Street USA

when you see the castle.......

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aahhhhhh...that feeling on Main Street USA when you see the castle.........

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