Monday, April 2, 2012

Disney Fantasy Officially At Sea!!

Disney Fantasy Officially at Sea!

On Saturday, March 31st the Disney Fantasy set sail on her maiden voyage! Oh how I wish I could have sailed away with her! Over the last month Disney has done a good job of getting people excited about the maiden voyage of the newest ship of the Disney Cruise Line! Did you get to watch her pull out with the fireboats spraying water as she went?

While Fantasy is much like her slightly older twin the Fantasy and a bigger version of her older sibs the Magic and Wonder. From a distance there is little to tell the ships apart. They are all the same colors and shape. When you get nearer you can see the size difference between the sisters. The two newer ships are longer, wider and taller than their older sisters. The newer ships also have the Aqua Duck water coaster that the older ships don’t have.

One thing I’ve noticed looking at the ship maps on line, and have confirmed talking to people who have been on the ships is the fact the adult Quiet Cove pool area on the newer twins (Dream/Fantasy) is smaller than the Quiet Cove area on the older ships (Magic/Wonder). For some reason there is more lounge/bar space on the newer ships.

While each ship is different all are fun! Some things that are unique to the Fantasy is an added adult quiet area with water fountains at the front of the ship. There are different water play areas for the little ones on both ships, the theme is slightly different. Dream has a Nemo theme where the Fantasy has Donald’s nephews getting into trouble with the Aqua Ducks left over parts. The Fantasy also has the added Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and the Muppets Adventure Game.

Whatever Disney Ship and destination you choose I don’t think you will be disappointed. They all offer so much fun. I am making it a goal to go on all of the ships. I’ve been on the Magic and Wonder. I’ve got plans to go with on the Dream in 2014. I’m going to get on the Fantasy at some point.

What ship do you wish to go on?

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