Monday, April 16, 2012

Minnie's Fly Girls Have Landed at the Disneyland Resort

Minnie’s Fly Girls Have Landed at the Disneyland Resort
Disney California Adventure Entertainment

In February of this year a new show came to Disney California Adventure. It is over in what was called Condor Flats across from Soarn’ Over California and in front of the Fly and Buy store.

Minnie’s Fly Girls is a 1940s (kind of) themed show with singing and dancing. There are three stewardesses waiting for Minnie Mouse to land. There is a young man who is supposed to be controlling the tower. While they are waiting they do some singing and dancing. The music is lively and fun with some old 1940s songs and some new ones that fit the show. Minnie finally lands and she joins the group for a song or two. The entire show lasts less than 20 minutes.

The Minnie Mouse in the show is a Talking Minnie. Her mouth moves in sync with her singing and talking. I love the technology and think it adds a lot to the performance. If you have not seen this technology before it can kind of weird you out.

After the show you can meet Minnie Mouse dressed in her flight uniform over next to the airplane. Even though this is a Talking Minnie she does not talk. I guess after flying in, then singing and dancing she is too tired to talk to the guests but is happy to stand there to sign autograph books and take pictures.

Here are pictures from the show along with a video.


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