Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Storyellers Statue

The Storytellers Statue

With all the work going on at Disney California Adventure the one thing that has me the most excited is the new statue that will go up in the newly named Hollywoodland.

The Storytellers statue is a statue of a hopeful looking young Walt Disney just arriving in Hollywood with Mickey Mouse standing on top of the Walt’s upturned suitcase. Both are looking ahead to a future together of excitement and entertainment.

This statue is designed to be a bookend to the Partners Statue in the Central Hub of Disneyland. The Storytellers is the beginning of the story with Walt looking ahead to the future, full of dreams and excitement. Walt is looking ahead to all the stories he will tell. In Disneyland’s Central Hub the Partners Statue is the end of the story. Walt is standing there with Mickey saying, “Look at what we have done!”

One thing that will be different between the two statues is placement. The Partners Statue is on a pedestal in the middle of a flower garden, unreachable by the guests. This is a favorite picture spot for guests. The Storytellers statue will be placed so it is accessible to guests. It will be approximately life size.

I’m excited about this Storytellers statue! I’m excited because it is a realistic representation of how Walt looked in the mid 1920’s when he arrived in California. It shows his excitement and therefore encourages excitement in me. It shows his enthusiasm even after he had only $40 in his pocket and not much else! It reminds us that Disney movies, parks, or cruises would not have existed without his vision.

Walt Disney often said, “I hope we never lose site that it all started with a mouse.” I believe it all started with one man’s dreams and his funny mouse that had his personality. I’m headed right there to get my picture taken!

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  1. Wow, now I'm excited for this too! Walt looks ready to face the adventures before him, with a hopeful Mickey at his side. Seriously, I am loving Walt's pose. It really shows the courage and excitement he had. Wow!

  2. I must say when I saw the small clay model (That is what the picture is of) I started to cry. I agree the expresion on Walt's face is so hopeful and excited. Remember that when he reached Calif it was right after losing everything. What courage and vision the man had.


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