Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Imagineering Workout ~ Update 12 ~ Hitting the perverbial Brick Wall

The Imagineering Workout ~ Update 12

Hitting the Proverbial Brick Wall

“When stuck in a creative dead end, the objective is to get

back on track and start the creative juices flowing again.

Go back to the original problem with a fresh perspective.”

Chris Rose

Electronics Engineer,

Electronic Engineering

Ok the book says this can get messy but the idea also sounds fun.


          Pinch your nose closed, you’ll be digging in the garbage. Latex gloves will also come in handy.

”At random, pull out five objects from the trash can.

Ask yourself: What can be made from these objects?

Can they be assembled to make a dog, a cat or perhaps a bust of the president?

How many ways can they be arranged?”

This exercise completely changes your focus. By applying your creative energies to a random creative problem, you are distracted from the frustrating (and painful) problem you are trying to solve.

If the juices aren’t flowing, try it again.

Use five items you find in your car glove box, desk drawer, or first-aid kit. Keep it random! Keep it fun! Include your spouse or kids in the activity.

I love this idea!! How many other ways can you do it? How about drawing 5 different geometric shapes, see how you can put them together to make different things.

I can see how this process can stir your mind to look things more creatively. It reminds you that there are many different ways to put things together and come up with as many different things. It’s the “Keep Moving Forward” attitude that comes direct from Walt Disney.

If you wish to follow along and read the book for yourself here is the information:

The Imagineering Workout

By The Disney Imagineers

ISBN 078685554-1

It is available at

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