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The Imagineering Workout ~ Update 14 Rousing from a Mental Rut

The Imagineering Workout ~ Update 14 (and final)

Rousing from a Mental Rut

Getting out of a rut requires a list that will rouse and inspire you when applied.

Anne Tryba

Principal Graphic Designer, Building Specialties Design Studio

Rut Rousing exercises.

1.    Self-Talk: Have a frank discussion with yourself. Give yourself a good talking too.

2.    Advice: Ask your inner board of directors for advice. These are the people you know and that know you best. They may answer back in familiar voices . . . one may even sound like your mom.

3.    New Angle: Physically stop whatever you are doing, and force yourself to simply look at the situation, personal relationship, design layout, illustration, thing from another angle. Hold it up to a mirror to see it in reverse, or look at it upside down.

4.    Asking: Consult, connect, consider and confer with others!

5.    Get Out of the Way: Have a second just for fun creative task on the side that you can take a break with. Use this to distract yourself momentarily from the project that is frustrating you. While you are working on the second task for fun you might find the answer.

The comment about Self-Talk made me think of my grandma. My grandma use to say. “It is ok to talk with yourself. It is ok to argue with yourself. The problem comes when you fight with yourself and you lose.” Go ahead and give yourself a good talking to when you get stuck! Fight with yourself but don’t lose and give up.

I highly recommend The Imagineering Workout! It is not just a book that gives you an idea of how Imagineers think and work. It is a kick in the butt for those of us who either think we are not creative or just can’t get going.

The Imagineering Workout

By The Disney Imagineers

ISBN 078685554-1

It is available at

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