Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Disney Parks Castle Picture Taking

Disney Parks Castle Picture Taking

It does not matter if you are at Disneyland, Walt Disney World or one of the parks over seas the Castles of the Disney Parks are a major attraction and picture spot. Each is different and tells a unique story.

Millions of people each year run to the different Disney Castles to get their picture taken or to take a picture of the magnificent building. The fun is to find a different way to shot the picture that reflects your particular style.

You can either get an overall view from down the street or come in close and tight. You can even focus in on a particular part of the castle. A single turret or window may have some gorgeous structural work and lines.

Besides the structure itself you may wish to try to catch the lights on the castle at night. This is especially beautiful at Christmas. This is not easy as the lights will look sharp and detailed to your eyes but the lens of your camera will not be so sharp and the picture will tend to meld and blur.

Another amazing thing to catch is the reflection of the castle in the mote. It does not matter if it is night or day the castle throws a beautiful reflection in the mote. Once again this is not easy to capture with the camera but if you are willing to take the time it is fun and you will have pictures that will amaze people for years.

So remember the next time you hit the park to stop and try to take a different type of picture of the castle than you usually do. Stop and look at the magnificent building and try to see something you have not seen before. Then take another picture the way you usually do.


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