Thursday, September 22, 2011

When to go on a Disney Cruise

When to go on a Disney Cruise

       A lot of factors go into figuring out when you will take your cruise. When can you get time off of work, School schedules, coordinating schedules between people in your group and pricing (off season vs peak season.). Besides that you need to consider if you wish to go for any special holiday or special event. Here is something else to consider, weather.

       When going on a cruise you need to consider the weather in the area you are going to. If you are going to the Caribbean I don’t suggest going during Hurricane season (June-November). Consider how you will feel if your ports of call get cancelled or changed due to a storm. You may get into rough seas with lots of waves and this can cause seasickness that ruins your trip. In some cases the storm is so bad the cruise is cancelled all together. This does not happen often as the ships usually just change ports and run away from the storm. On the upside of cruising during hurricane season the cruises usually cost less.

       I’ll be honest I’ve only been on one Caribbean cruise and when I did go on that cruise I chose to go in late January. We researched the weather and found that January-March has the best weather of the year in that area. There is less rain and no Hurricanes. It is also cooler than the summer months and less humid yet not cold. Over all it makes for a more comfortable time. You also have more confidence that the trip will not be disrupted.

       Another reason that January-March is a good time to go is many children are in school and the crowds at most amusement areas are lower. So your land portions will be less crowed and you may even get a deal in price for going off season. With kids in school there will be fewer children and more adults making it a quieter trip.

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