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What you need to do before going on a Disney Cruise

What you need to do before going on a Disney Cruise

Ok you have booked a cruise, not just any cruise a Disney Cruise. What do you need to do before you go? What can and should be done early.

       You need to make sure you are healthy. Start way in advance taking care of yourself. Realize the ship is at least one thousand feet long and you will be going from one end to the other several times a day.  If you need to build up your endurance so you can dance the night away then do so! Take those dance classes so you can dance with your love and maybe the kids. There are plenty of opportunities to dance. I mention dance class because it is something you can do that helps in two ways. It gets you exercising and it gets you ready to dance.

Bone up on your Disney Trivia because there are trivia contests all over the ship. Shock your kids by winning! Can you name the seven dwarfs? What is Sleeping Beauty’s name? What was Mulan’s dog’s name?

You may want to have matching sets of clothing for you and your family, or at least t-shirts for the days. Well, consider making them. Using your home printer and special iron on transfers you can get at craft stores you can make your own shirts that don’t cost much. You may want pirate outfits for the Pirate Deck party. Simplicity has Disney Pirates of the Caribbean patterns! Don’t forget semi formal and formal nights. You don’t have to dress up but it is sure fun to do so! Spread the cost and labor over time by starting early to get your clothing ready.

Did you join a Fish Extender Group? Well you need to get your Fish Extender made and get the goodies to place in others Fish Extenders. Several ideas for gifts to give are magnets to commutate the cruise. Travel packets of things people may have forgotten to bring (some items to drop in this are safety pins, clothes hangers with the Cruise dates painted/written on them, band-aids, hand sanitizer and the like). Pirate Eye Patches and the like are good for kids and don’t cost much. Lots of fun sea themed items can be found at .99 cent stores. (Look back for my article “Fish Extender?? What the Heck is a Fish Extender?? If you don’t know what a Fish Extender is.)

Do you have a Passport? If not get started on the process at least six months ahead of your trip so you don’t end up paying extra fees to expedite the process. The earlier you start the process to get a Passport the better. You will need both a valid Driver’s License (or state issued ID card) and a Passport to board the ship. You will also need this to get back on the ship if you get off to explore any of the Ports of Call the ship goes too. If you are a U.S. Citizen and do not fly in or out of the country a less expensive option is a Passport Card instead of a book type.

You will be sent paperwork to fill out with medical needs and food allergies you have. Make sure you fill that out and return it. Disney does try to accommodate every need but they can’t do so if you don’t tell them what you need. They will also ask how you will want to settle your bill for shipboard charges before you board.

When you are packing make sure you look at the Disney Cruise website and paperwork they have sent you for items you can and can’t bring. I suggest you make a check list for necessary items such as mediation and personal products such as sunscreen.
You will be notified when you can start doing the preboarding check in online. Go ahead and get that done as soon as you can! The process only takes a few minutes of your time at home and there are added funny videos to make it enjoyable. It will make the boarding process easier and faster once you are at the port.

Start looking online as soon as you can for Port Adventures. That way as soon as they are available for you to book you have your choices made. Book them early as the popular Port Adventures do sell out! Do the same thing for any adult dining you wish to do at Palo or Remy’s. They also fill up fast and are a first come first serve. Don’t wait until you board to book them.

One of the things you need to do is check with Disney what dates you can do things. Depending on the number of Disney Cruises you have taken you are one of 4 levels of Castaway Club. At the completion of your 1st Disney Cruise you become a Castaway Club Member. 2nd – 5th cruise you are a Silver Castaway Club Member. 6th – 10th Cruise you are a Gold Castaway Club Member and more than 10 Disney Cruises you are a Platinum Castaway Club Member. The higher the level you are in Castaway Club the further out you get to book cruises and Port Adventures. Find out where you are and when you can book.


  1. Thanks for the info! Our 2nd cruise is coming up in November and we are so excited!!! We can't wait!

  2. OH BOY!! I wish I was going again that soon!! We did our 2nd cruise in March of this year. Our 3rd is planned for early 2014 with a group from Walt's Basement.

    I hope this information is helpful and mmore importantly helps build anticapation for your upcoming trip!


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