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The Disney Mobil Magic App

The Disney Mobil Magic App

Is It Worth Downloading??

 Disney Parks Mobile Magic

       I recently purchased my first smart phone!! Oh boy!! I happen to have Verizon as my carrier so I am lucky enough to be able to download the Disney Mobil Magic App for free! I believe at this time DMM is only available to Verizon customers. In the past I had the app on my non smart phone for $9.99 for 180 days. This was back in November of 2009 when the app first came out. Now it is FREE! On a phone with no data plan it is not worth downloading. The new free version is a lot cleaner and a lot less confusing than the older version.

       So what does DMM have in it? First off it is good to know that DMM has the same information for both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. If you are planning a trip to either park this is a good app to have on your phone. It has eleven headings, they are Guide Map, Attractions, Characters, Dining, Today’s Events, Weather, Games, My Favorites, Transportation, Shopping, Guest Services. Let me tell you what is in each group.

Guide Map:

       Disney Mobil Magic works with the GPS of your phone to track where you are in the parks. It also uses this to pick the appropriate set of maps for you. When you are in California you can’t open Walt Disney World’s maps and when in Florida you can’t open Disneyland’s maps.

       The guide map portion of this app includes maps to all the Disney Parks and resorts in the United States. These are searchable by attraction, dinning, shopping and guest services. You can use these maps to find your way around the parks and in fact it will even give you directions from where you are in the park to the attraction you wish to get to. This also has an added feature of showing you where the characters are and taking you directly to them.


       The attractions portion of the app lets you pull up information by area. This lists all the attractions in the area and gives you a tab menu to pick the information you wish about a particular attraction. The tabs are Description, Access, Auxiliary Audio, Getting There and My Favorites. These allow you to read a description of the attraction, see the accessibility of the attraction, find out if it has auxiliary audio, view a map with directions to the attraction and you can mark that attraction in your favorites so you can find it again.


       Under the character tab you can either type in the name of your favorite Character or pick a category from a list below. You can then find information on your favorite character and find out if and when they are out in the park. The app will also pull up a map and give your turn by turn directions to the character if they are out.


       Dining helps you find a restaurant to eat at. You can either tab on “Find a Restaurant” to find a restaurant in a particular area or you can click on Disney Dining. With Disney Dining you choose meal time, location, cuisine, dining experience and price range. You will then be shown restaurants that match your requirements.

Today’s Events:

       With Today’s Events you can pull up park hours and the times for the parades and shows in the park of your choice. You can also set reminders for these events so you don’t miss them.


       When you pull up the weather you will be shown the day’s weather forecast in four hour breakdowns. You can even scan ahead for up to four days to see what the weather will be like for the next few days of your stay.


       All of the games can be played anywhere inside or outside of the park. These games are a fun way to spend time waiting in line or for a parade/show to start at the park. This is also great way to get a touch of Disney Magic while at home or on a break at work.

Experience Pirates: There are two pirate games to enjoy.

What’s My Pirate Name!: This game generates a pirate name for you.

Pirate Trivia Game: This game asks you questions about the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.

Disney Parks Trivia Game:

       This game allows you to test your knowledge of Disney Parks against other Disney Parks fans.

Disney Character Quiz:

This quiz tells you what character you are most like. I’ll be honest it is the same quiz and the one in Beast’s Library.

Disney Character Puzzle:

       Quick!! Can you tell me who the character is before they are fully reveled?

My Favorites:

       As the name states it is the place to fine your list of favorite attractions.


       Here you can ask for directions from where you are in the park or resort to wherever you wish to go in the parks. I can see this being a great asset when at WDW!


       Here you click on the area of the park you wish to do some shopping in and you get a list of all the shops.

Guest Services:

       Need to find a restroom but are too uncomfortable asking a cast member? This app will show you the way! It will also help you find ATM, Merchandise Guest Services, Guest Relations, First Aid, Kodak PictureSpot, Disney Vacation Club Information Centers and smoking areas.

       Over all I find this a fun and useful app that I am glad I downloaded! I have lots of fun with it at home playing the trivia game and it is a quick and easy way to find the park hours on days we decided to go to the park. It's fun. It's FREE!! It's easy to use. It's DISNEY! What more could you ask??

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