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What is a Disney Cruise Ship Cabin Like?

What is a Disney Cruise Ship Cabin Like?

       I’ll be honest and say I can only talk about the category 9 cabins with certainty as that is the category cabin we had. I will tell you what I know of the other categories from what the Disney Cruise website has to say.

       You have the choice of an Inside, Oceanview or Oceanview with Veranda cabin. These have many sub categories depending on location and some other factors. What you choose depends on how much you can afford and your personal taste. If a Inside cabin is too claustrophobic for you go for an Oceanview. If you need a more stable place to rest pick a cabin (Inside or Oceanview) near the middle of the ship.

       Having only been on the Disney Cruise I can’t compare the size of cabins on other ships to Disney. I have talked to other people who have cruised on other cruise lines and they agree with what the Disney Cruise site says when they say the cabins are larger than industry standard. The portholes are also larger than the average cruise lines.

       The Oceanview Category 9 cabins are roomy enough for at a family of 3 or 4. On the Magic and Wonder they range from 204-214 square feet in size. They are fully equipped with everything you need to enjoy your floating home away from home.

       The amenities include a flat screen TV with satellite TV and Ship stations, large closet, two night stands, one small dresser and one old fashion steamer trunk style storage area. In the large closet there are emergency supplies. You will find your life jackets there if the unthinkable happens and you need them.

There is also a desk/vanity with cupboards and drawers for storage. There is a large mirror above the vanity to help with getting ready for evening meals or romantic walks around the ship. There is a phone in your cabin that allows you to call for needed services and other cabins. It also allows you to make calls to shore that cost extra.

Each cabin comes with two Wave phones and one phone charger for use on the ship. These are small phones you can use anywhere on the ship or in the dock area near the ship. These are free and make communication between your party easy. Parents and kids will love being able to call each other as needed. You can get extra Wave phones for a small fee per day. I think this is worth it if you have kids that will be in the youth programs but are old enough to want to strike out on their own as well. If you find you have a problem with your Wave phone or your battery goes dead during the day and you don’t have time to charge it but need it go to guest relations and get a new phone or battery.

There is a small cooler in the cabin where you can set a snack for you to enjoy later. You can also fill cups on deck with soda, milk or juice and bring them back to your cabin. Soda ordered from room service costs a lot. So bring it back and save some money.

       Most cabins have a split bath to make it so more than one person can get ready at a time. One has a commode and sink with a mirror. The other has a sink and tub/shower with a smaller mirror. This is a true blessing when your family is trying to hurry to get ready for dinner or a party on deck.

       The beds are comfortable. Most come with a queen size bed but it can be split into two twin beds at your request. Just ask when you book for the two twin beds instead of one queen size. There is also a couch and a pull down bed (hung from the ceiling) that your room steward will set up and put away each day. When we took our daughter when she was ten she loved being in the pull down bed instead of the couch bed. Our steward was more than happy to do it for us.

       One thing to be aware of is a lack of power outlets. On the Magic and Wonder you will find power outlets in both bathrooms. The only power in the main room is at the desk/vanity. If you need power at your bedside for something like medical equipment on the Magic and Wonder make sure you bring an extension cord and painters tape to tape down the power cord to prevent falls. This has been rectified on the Dream and the Fantasy should be the same as the Dream. Both have power at the bedside. You may want to bring a power bar to plug in chargers for your camera batteries and laptop.

       From what I’ve heard about the Dream the cabins are a little larger. They have the same amenities and general layout as the Magic and Wonder. There is also something special about the inside cabins on the Dream and the upcoming Fantasy. They have virtual portholes! This is a video monitor designed to look like a porthole that is linked to a camera on the outside of the ship. It plays a live feed from the camera facing the way your cabin’s “porthole” is facing. The fun is watching to see what Disney characters may go by your porthole! I had the pleasure of seeing a tape of what these portholes look like at D23. It was played to show the characters quickly. The average time between characters is fifteen minutes.


  1. We stayed in a Cat 8 room last yr ocean view with veranda. Used our DVC points. We had 5 of us and were comfortable. We didn't spend much time in the room except to change clothes and sleep and shower!

    This year we are getting 2 rooms and trying cat 5 inside state rooms! Will see how we like or dislike the difference!

    I automatically pack power strips on trips and was glad I had on the Wonder. Another tip for cruisers, an over the door shoe bag for the bath keeps all the shampoo and toothpaste handy and out of the way. Not much vanity space in those little bath areas!!

    happy cruis'n Carolyn

  2. This blog always create some informational and amazing things, which add in my knowledge and experience.But I am a bit confuse.A Thanks for sharing.Waiting for next post.

  3. What confused you? Maybe I can help clear up the confusion.


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