Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Disney Cruise Line Pirate Night!

Disney Cruise Line Pirate Night!

       One night on your Disney Cruise Pirates take over the ship! Don’t worry it is for a evening of fun and dancing.

       The evening starts off with a Pirate Themed dinner. Your servers will be dressed as pirates as they bring you your Pirated Themed meal. At the end of dinner there is a time for pirate games in the dining room with your servers leading the way in games of limbo and conga dancing. Experienced cruisers will often come to dinner in their pirate best and continue to wear it throughout the evening. You don’t have to get dressed up as a pirate but it does add to the fun. An old pair of jeans and a striped T-Shirt along with an eye patch and bandana will do. You will be given a bandana at dinner that says Pirates IN the Caribbean.

       After the meal there is some time to relax and get ready for the main event of the evening. If you have not gotten into your pirate garb now is the time. After getting ready head to the Goofy (Magic/Wonder) or Donald (Dream/Fantasy) Pool and find yourself a spot.

       I feel there are two basic types of spots. You can get on the deck above where you may be able to find a table or at least some chairs near the railing to looking down on the stage/pool area. This is a great place to sit and watch the fun and get a fantastic view of the fireworks. The other choice is to be down in front of the stage in the group of people on/around the now covered pool. This gets you in the thick of things and you will most likely get some character time as the characters join the dance party.

       Be aware that as the evening goes on some “villainous” pirate has plans to take over the fun and frolicking party and turn it into his one form of fun. For a time he does but Captain Mickey comes to save the day setting off fireworks as he does. His promised Party in the Sky and delivers in style. Disney is the only ships to fire off fireworks while out at sea.

       After the fireworks there is more dancing and fun with all the pirates and when the deck party ends there are tables laid with a Pirates Booty of food for all to enjoy. Then there is a movie played on the FunnelVision screen late into the night. Deck chairs are set out and blankets made available for those who wish.

       For me this is one of the major highlights to the cruise. You can either just enjoy watching the fun and fireworks and maybe join in the dancing as much or as little as you like. Or you can go fully into it and bring a Pirate Costume and dress up for dinner and the party. I will be honest say I think it is more fun to get dressed up and join in! You don’t have to dance the entire time or even dance at all.

       You can find clothing at second hand shops that will work as pirate garb or you can go totally into it and either make your own outfit, Simplicity has a set of Disney Pirates of the Caribbean patterns for both men and women or rent a costume to bring along.

       Pirate gear is also a good thing to drop into Fish Extenders! You can get pirate eye patches and such at party supply stores that don’t cost too much. Let your mind run free and have fun!

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