Thursday, September 29, 2011

Disneyland's Pixie hallow

Disneyland’s Pixie Hallow

        There is a piece of Neverland in the middle of Disneyland, next to the Matterhorn Bobsleds. Pixie Hallow is Tinker Bell’s home. As you wait in line for your turn to meet Tinker Bell and one or two of her friends in this magical place look around. There is a beautiful little cascading waterfall and a bubbling peaceful pool of water.

        As you look at the rocks that make up the waterfall you will notice a little fish on the rocks! Don’t worry there is one of Tink’s fairy friends to help. Wait! Is that a set of Pixie houses there in the plants near the base of the tree? Oh my, in the little cave like hole at the bottom of the rocks is that a fairy? Turn around quick but don’t make a noise! There in the flowers is another fairy! Up in the tree above the pool of water, there is a fairy helping a baby bird in its nest!

        As you come into this area you are your normal size. As you move further in Tink and her pals sprinkle their Pixie Dust on you and you become smaller. Finally the flowers tower above you and you are now the same size as Tinker Bell and her Pixie Pals!

        You walk up a path in the growth and there around the first turn is your first view of a real live Pixie!! You can walk up and say hi and get your picture taken with her. But wait around the corner is more!! As you turn the next bend there is Tinker Bell herself standing in front of her house made from a tea pot! Tink is standing outside her home surrounded by her work tables and tools. Go ahead walk right on up and say hi! She will be glad to have her picture taken with you.

        Tink shuts this area down early but it is still fun to walk through the open walkway around the pool of water after dark. There is wonderful playful “Pixie” music. As the music plays you see the sparkle of “Pixie Dust” play across the water and trees! The water then lights up and the Pixie Dust creates playful patterns in the water.

        So enjoy your time in Pixie Hallow and stop by and say hi to Tinker Bell and her friends.

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  1. We will be sure to say hi to Tink when we go to Disney Land. My daughter loves Tink!

    The ponds are lovely!


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