Thursday, September 15, 2011

Shopping on the Disney Cruise

Shopping on the Disney Cruise

       Ok I’ll be honest I’m not a shopper. I shop when I need and when I see something I like that I can afford I get it. I don’t go on trips to shop .I do like to get some small mementoes from trips I take so that is the only shopping I do. Cruise ships with a deck full of shops are not for me. If I wanted or needed to shop I’ll just go to the local mall!

       Disney has three shops on their ships. There is Treasure Katch, the adult store with knick knacks and adult clothing along with personal items you may have forgotten to pack. This store has jewelry and other nice items and as an over adult sophisticated feel. Mickey’s Mates is the kids shop. There are toys, coloring books and general fun. Adults will also like going into Mickey’s Mates to check out the Pins. You will also find kids clothing here. Treasure Katch and Mickey’s Mates are across the hall from each other.

       There is a Duty Free Shop on each ship. It has different names on each ship and is located in the area of the ship that has the lounges. The Duty Free Shops have liquor and some kitchen items along with some candy and other goodies.

       In the shops you will find some items that are exclusive to the Disney Cruise and can by purchased. You will also find some items from the Disney Parks. Even the pins are a collection of Disney Cruise Exclusive Pins and Pins you can find in the Disney Parks.

       Here are some other fun Disney Cruise shopping tips. Recently DCL made an agreement with Disney Shopping Online ( to sell a limited number of Disney Cruise Line themed items. So you can order before you go and have them delivered to your home to take with you on the trip. These include items such as tote bags, hand bags, umbrellas and a limited number of clothing items.

       If you are going on a trip or know of someone that is, you can order a gift delivered to their cabin. The item, or a gift card for them to redeem for a particular item at the shops will be waiting when the guest arrives in their cabin. I think it is strange that one item you can order to have delivered to your cabin can’t be delivered to your home but it is something most useful on the trip to the ship. It is a passport document holder and a matching jewelry roll.

       Some of the fun things you can have ordered to be waiting in your friends and loved one are the Bon Voyage package with a door magnet and banner in the cabin. There are also birthday and wedding anniversary packages. There are some fun food packages as well ranging from cut fruit to cheese and wine. There are family fun packs with beach toys and things for the entire family and packets for a romantic getaway for two. Just check out for the current list of items they are offering. Make sure you check to see what is available for the port you are leaving from.

       The day before you come into a port there is always a lecture offered on the ship with shopping tips for the port you are stopping at. It includes coupons and you can even get some free items if you go into shops on the list and tell them you are from the Disney Cruise. So if your idea of a great Port Adventure is wondering the shops Disney Cruise Line does have you covered.


  1. Cool! Did not know about the lecture and coupons and freebies! thanks Carolyn, I keep learning new things from you! 72 days and counting! With all your tips we may be ready for our 2nd cruise *o*

    Sending Pixie Dust your way, Carrie

  2. I'm glad I can help! Check your Personal Navigator for more information for what is being offered on your cruise. It is usually on the back. Often it looks like adds.

    I'm jealous that you are going so soon! I want to go!!! It will be around 860 days give or take before I get to go to WDW and on a cruise again.

  3. This blog always create some informational and amazing things, which add in my knowledge and experience.But I am a bit confuse.A Thanks for sharing.Waiting for next post.


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