Saturday, September 17, 2011

Disney Cruise With a Land Package

Disney Cruise With a Land Package

Are You Doing WDW or DLR Along With a Cruise?

Ok you pay the price to fly or drive from your home to get to Florida or California. Do you just do the Cruise or stick with doing the Parks? I suggest both. So you decide to do both. Hey you paid to get there and to come back to do what you did not would cost so much more. It’s only reasonable to do both!

So what do you do first. Do you hit the parks and run around like crazy then go on the ship to relax and be pampered? Or do you go on the cruise to relax from work and distress before hitting the parks full of energy. HMMM big decision!!

I’ll be honest I say hit the parks first. Here is my reason. If you do the cruise first you are all relaxed when you get to the park. They you get to the park and wipe yourself out running around trying to do everything you have on your must do list. By the time you are done with your vacation you need a vacation to recover!

Go to the parks first and play/ride till you drop! Thin go on the cruise and let your Disney abused feet relax along with the rest of you as the crew of the DCL pampers you to perfection. When you get home from your trip you will be relaxed and ready to return to your daily life, well physically I did not say you would want to. LOL


  1. LOL, Well, in November we are doing the parks, then the cruise, and then believe it or not we will go back to the parks, but just for 1 day! I've always wanted to see MVMCP and if we go back after the cruise and stay we can! So we will have 1 day to visit Lego land, and then 1 day for MK and the Christmas party! But I agree with your philosophy, parks then cruise!
    Happy Saturday,

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