Sunday, August 7, 2011

There are shows at Disney Parks?

There are shows at Disney Parks?

       Once again I was talking to someone about the price of Disney Park tickets. Yes, they are expensive and you can go to other parks for less and those other parks may even boast more thrill type rides. So why go to a Disney Park? One word, shows AKA entertainment!

       The entertainment at Disney Parks is unequaled. At the parks you will find shows that just pop up on the street and even inside shops at all different times. These include singing groups such as the Dapper Dans. They do different shows in different areas on Main Street at different times. Laughing Stock Company does some shows outside in front of the Golden Horseshoe and sometimes performs on the Golden Horseshoe stage. Billy Hill and the Hillbillies is a fun comedy music act in the Golden Horseshoe and sometimes outside in front of the Golden Horseshoe or at the entrance of Critter Country. These shows are usually short, 20-30 minutes and often involve audience participation.

       Parades at the Parks are another type of show. They are a moving show that happens right in front of you and is a pleasure to watch. Again these are not usually very long. They are often themed to a holiday or season. You can make these even more special and create a magical memory moments by “playing” with the characters as they go by. For example: Cinderella’s evil step-sisters walk by boo them! Often they will walk over and stick their tongues out at you. Call out, “To infinity and beyond!” to Buzz Lightyear and he may just give you the salute. Just know the characters and their catch phrases.

       One of the fun things about waiting for parades, fireworks or shows like Fantasmic is the entertainment that just pops up. A group of Janitors may become the Jamanators and play their trash cans to make your time waiting more pleasurable. All of the Cast Members who do crowd control help keep people happy. Some of the most magical times are when Cast Members get cheering contests going between different areas in the crowd or get the crown singing Happy Birthday or applauding an anniversary.

There are longer shows. At WDW there is Beauty & the Beast and Festival of the Lion King. DLR has Aladdin the Musical. All are fantastic and a great place to relax and enjoy a great show. But why would or should you spend 45 minutes sitting watching a show plus an hour or more waiting in line for the show. You could be spending that time in line for or on a ride!

The reasons to do the show are personal, many and varied. As stated before it is a great place to cool off or warm up as needed. You can rest your feet as you get a laugh. It is a fun activity for all members of your group. The kids will enjoy seeing some of their favorite characters singing and dancing. Adults will enjoy some of the adult jokes that are designed to go over the heads of the kids. All in all it is a magical time for all.

In short shows are a place to make some magical memories. Kids will long remember watching mom, granddad or uncle Joe laugh at the jokes. You will remember the looks on their faces as Aladdin and Jasmine fly over head or the Beast is transformed into a man. If dad or grandma is called up onto the stage during the Billy Hills you will laugh until you cry and your kids will be more than willing to hold that over their heads . . . for life. Even more the kids will remember it forever and feel the magic years later, maybe when they take their own kids to a Disney Park and make their own magical Disney memories.

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