Tuesday, August 23, 2011

So Your Spouse Does Not Want To Go On A Disney Vacation

So Your Spouse Does Not Want To Go On A Disney Vacation

       I recently saw a post on a Disney fan Facebook page asking for advice on how to get her husband excited about going to WDW, again (5th visit in 2 years.) This got me thinking so here we go.
       It is hard for us Mouseheads to understand how somebody can’t get excited about a trip to a Disney destination. So what do you do? Well you take care of planning all of the trip thinking to make it easier for your non excited partner. You book the hotel and flight. You make all the ADR’s and figure out the park hoping schedule for the entire trip. You may even plan out rides and shows you do.
       Ok STOP! LOL Let me make a couple of suggestions.
1.        Stop planning so much. This is a vacation. Don’t pack so much into your trip and burn out your family member. Don’t schedule too many things in one day. Take time to just walk around and be willing to change plans if something more interesting to your spouse comes along. Enjoy the moment and the company of your spouse. You are more likely to spark a further interest in Disney if you do. Be willing to be spontaneous.
2.   Ask them what rides and/or shows are must sees for them. Then show interest in those even if they are ones you hate. Don’t demand they talk about the rides and shows.
3.    Get your spouse in on the planning. If they are not interested in helping plan then find several things you feel will interesting them and ask them to pick from a short list instead of being over whelmed with picking from everything Disney has to offer. For example if they like to golf then give them some information about golfing in and around Disney. If they like spa time they ask what spa treatment they might like.
4.     Don’t spend every moment of the day at the park doing rides and such. Explore some of the resort(s). Take a walk around the hotel/resort and find out what is offered there. There is plenty to explore at WDW and more than people think at DLR.
5.    Let your spouse sleep in at least a few days of the trip if they wish. If they have a morning routine they enjoy support it and let them have the time.
6.    You may consider taking some time outside of Disney. There are many things to around Disney resorts to enjoy. There are beaches and other parks.
7.    If your spouse is interested in something find out if there is a ride, show or tour about it at Disney. For example my husband (who is a fellow Mousehead but if he was not this would help make him happy to go.) loves trains. I am hoping to take him on the train tour at WDW the next time we go.
8.    Plan a romantic dinner or maybe some couples spa time, even a quiet walk would do. Make sure your spouse knows you enjoy being with them as much as you enjoy being at Disney.
9.     Take another couple or some family along. This will give you and your spouse an added incentive to get out and have some fun.
The entire idea is balance. Give your spouse the time they need to have fun while you have some fun as well. If this will not work then there is one final way to enjoy Disney and not destroy your relationship. Find a fellow Mousehead to go with. Let your spouse do something they enjoy while you go.

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