Monday, August 22, 2011

Disney Fans of the World UNITE!!

Disney Fans of the World UNITE!!
       Ok I’m a bit over zealous, LOL! The thing is I was at the D23  EXPO and I just found it interesting how people treated each other. There were three kinds of people at D23. True Disney fans, those family members and friends dragged to the event by Disney Fans that have no interest in Disney and the money seeking collectors that see opportunity in Disney collectibles. It is easy to spot the difference. The majority of the people there were true Disney fans.
       The true Disney fan is easy to spot at one of these events or at one of the parks. They are usually all smiles and look as if they have just gone to heaven. Their arms are usually full of the free items and bags of things they purchased. They are also carrying a camera and taking pictures of everything. Many are using smart phones to upload to Blogs, Facebook and Twitter during every event.
       Those who are dragged to the event are as easy to spot as the true Disney Fan. They are in the company of a bouncing fan. Their eyes are glazed over and they often find places to sit or stand out of the way. Usually this is a husband that is there to pull out his wallet when needed.
       The collector or what I like to call the Shark is a person who does not really have the Disney heart. They see the dollar signs on anything with the Disney name attached to it. You see them haggling and if they purchase one item they buy in sets so they have more to resell. They have an eye for what will be popular in the future when looking at new items and often will be pushy and/or rude.
       Over all the time spent at D23 was friendly and exciting. People were glad to share information, tips and stories. Here is where it gets really fun. I was sitting in line to see Dick VanDyke and the Vantastix when the person behind me got very upset. She is a photographer for a Disney Fan site and noticed she had lost a battery charger. This is an expensive piece of equipment that was needed to continue taking pictures she needed. At first she was very worried about getting the charger back, then she remembered what type of event she was at. I saw her physically relax as she said, “Wait, I’m in a group of Disney fans. I’m sure someone will turn it in.” My friend and I told her she should report it to the event staff and see if it had been returned. She did not want to leave and lose her spot in line. We told her we would hold her spot and watch her things so off she went. She returned in about 20 minutes with her charger. She said that the charger was where she had accidently left it. plugged in to charge it.
       This is not the first time I’ve seen this. I’ve lost items while at Disneyland. I lost a wallet with a hundred dollars in it. I left the park thinking I’d never see the wallet or money again, two days later I got a call from the park lost and found saying they had found my wallet and asking if I’d want to come pick it up or have it mailed.  The walled was mailed and when I opened it I found all my ID, cards and the one hundred dollars. I’ve had this happen with many items from sunglasses and hats to a camera. Even a Duffy Bear came home, that one took a month to come home.
       These stories show what type of people Disney fans are. Disney fans are good people. Most fans wish to set good examples for the children in their lives and/or maintain a good positive outlook on life. This is why Disney is my choice for vacation destination. I know I will be among a group of people with the same general values I have, I’ll be among friends that understand.
       The world would be a better place if people acted more like Disney fans and were a little kinder. Just think of it! People thinking twice before walking off with a lost item they found and instead turning it in so the owner can get it back. Adults thinking about what their actions will teach their children is it good example for their child. This is the world I would like to live in.
       So Disney Fans of the World Unite!! Lets spread this kindness outside of Disney locations and events. Let’s get more people addicted to Disney and make the world a better place!
These are just the thoughts of a frustrated Pranking Pixie. Lets spread some whimsy and Pixie Dust.

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