Monday, August 15, 2011

Dealing with Family Drama on a Disney Trip and Holding onto the Positive

Dealing with Family Drama on a Disney Trip and Holding onto the Positive
       You plan and dream of an extended family trip to a wonderful Disney Destination. You may even plan and work on this for several years in advance! Hours and days are spent finding just the right accommodations for each family units needs. You work at trying to get everyone together to discuss what plans are required ahead of time and make reservations for your group to gather for special moments. You want to find out what each person is excited about seeing or doing so you can try to fit it in.
       You dream of dinners spent laughing about the shows and rides you saw that day. You  pick out where in the house you will hang the family picture when you get back. If you have children you fantasize about the smiles and giggles on your little cherubs face. You know that everyone will enjoy themselves.
       Reality is when you add people to the group many have little or no interest in planning the trip. They just want to go and a few may truly have no interest. Some may just wish to get the trip over with. They don’t care where they eat dinner or joining in on family/group functions. They don’t understand the need to plan ahead and they don’t wish to tell you about their needs until the last minute.
       You get to the resort and brother complains about the room location. The folks complain that something they need is not provided. Your niece decides that she wants nothing to do with a family photo. Special meal times arrive people don’t show up.
       Family is family and problems that exist between family members do not go away just because you are at a Disney location. My suggestion is if the family having problems and the fights get overly loud and harsh you may want to skip a family gathering at Disney. If you think peace can be maintained during your stay then go for it.
       If problems arise do your best to stay out of it or, at worst attempt to be a peacemaker without getting drawn into the fray. Step away if needed and go find something fun to do.
       I’m speaking from experience, I understand as my family blew up while on a two week trip to WDW and the Disney Cruise. Words were exchanged and hurtful things were said. No family photo got taken even though the request was made before the trip started and everyone agreed to have a picture taken together. People fought and almost came to blows. Did I let that ruin my memories? NO!!
       Once home I made a choice to put things in order in my mind. First and foremost was the reason we went, to celebrate our 25 anniversary. Second was how my husband, child and I enjoyed ourselves apart from the others.  I made the choice to look at and hold my happy thoughts. Third I focused on the Disney magical touches, the shows, rides and service. Did I ignore the problems or erase them? No I remember them and now know that a trip like that will never work. I learned the family members I can spend that amount of time with and those I can’t.
       So ask me today about my family’s trip to WDW and the Disney Cruise. Was it good or bad? I say it was GREAT!


  1. Oh my- I had an identical struggle on our 2 week Christmas WDW vacation 4 years ago. My sister-in-law tried to ruin the trip with her poison tongue, but we ignored her. (Worse yet, my hubby was footing the entire bill!) We got our family photo- minus one. Meantime, we racked up some once-in-a lifetime memories :D I'm a new follower!!

  2. Welcome to PixiePranks! Glad you enjoyed and even more glad you did what I did and decided to keep the good memories and dump the bad.


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