Thursday, August 25, 2011

Disney California Adventure’s World of Color

Disney California Adventure’s World of Color

       I had the privilege of being at the very first showing of World of Color June of last year. During the intervening year I’ve seen the show a few times. To be honest I’ve not seen it as many times as I would have liked. In the past year and couple of months the show has gone through several subtle changes. The basic theme of the show has not changed and the pull on the emotional heart strings is just as strong.
       Where the show has changed it has changed for the better. There was one part of the original show that was hard for me. The original show had a prolonged sequence with young Simba crying after his father was killed. This sequence was greatly shortened. It still gets across the point it is trying to make but no longer gets mired in the feelings. It flows from the pain of loss and moves onto the next emotion quickly.
       There was a sequence that I enjoyed greatly with the Firebird from Fantasia. The Firebird is no longer there. Instead they lengthened the Pirates in the Caribbean sequence and added parts from the most current Pirates movie.
       I noticed that the use of the technology has improved but still if you go on a night that there is any kind of breeze you will find the video portions of the show blurry due to the wind disbursing the water screen.
       I hope they continue to make changes to the show to keep it fresh and current. I also hope they do holiday themed versions of World of Color.
       Check out the current version of World of Color. Enjoy the video.

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