Thursday, August 4, 2011

Are Disney Trips Just for Kids?

Are Disney Trips Just for Kids?

       Many people think that a day at a Disney park is just for families with kids or teens/young adults out for a day of fun and excitement. I think not!

       Often my husband and I go to the park without our teenage daughter. She has decided she is too old for Disney fun. Sometimes it is for an entire day of fun with rides and shows. Often it is for a several hour romantic getaway. We head out to the park and enjoy a leisurely cozy meal and maybe take in a show or a ride or two then we go home.

       Often our quiet time at the park involves just walking down Main Street looking at the shops. This is very romantic at night with the lights glowing. It is even more magical at Christmas with even more lights and Christmas music playing. We enjoy remembering past visits and other romantic times we’ve had. We stop by the French Market in New Orleans Square and laugh as we remember how we first realized we were in love after the Jazz Band at the French Market told us so.

       You can always find quiet spots to sit and talk. There are rides you sit close and it is fun to hold hands and cuddle. (Good time for us ladies to fake being scared. LOL) The Haunted Mansion is a good one to enjoy together and be “scared” into his arms.

       Most of all it is a day to enjoy just being together and having a laugh together. Let go of the day’s troubles and worries and smile. Be kids again and play.


  1. Hi, I'm new here and found your blog through an interest search. I adore this article so much simply because my partner and I are exactly the same. When I lived in Tokyo, Japan, I had an annual pass and we'd spend most evenings there (it was only 20mins away by train) just strolling around in the brightly-lit night. :D You've actually given me an idea for a blog post! Thanks! Love the blog! Charlotte.

  2. I'm glad my blog brought back good memories and gave you an idea for a blog post! ;-)Glad to have you stop by and visit for a few.


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