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Hello, my name is Carolyn and I am Addicted to Disney!

Hello, my name is Carolyn and I am Addicted to Disney!

Stand back the addiction is contagious!
Mickey Mouse
       Hello, my name is Carolyn and I am addicted to Disney. I feel that is how I have to introduce myself to people. The way some people treat me I feel like something is wrong with my love and attachment to all things Disney, but why? Is it wrong to enjoy whimsical things? Simply put no, it is not wrong and I believe it is health. (all things in moderation of course)

       My father once complained on how much money we spent going to Disneyland. He chided us and suggested we could find better ways to spend our money. We had purchased Disneyland Annual Passes and been going to the park three to six days a month. After several exchanges with me saying, “Dad it makes us happy, why not go?” that did not satisfy him off I went off to think.

       After much thought I came back to dad with this, “Dad, some people buy boats, off road vehicles and go camping and/or skiing as many weekends as they can. Others spend hundreds of dollars if not thousands on photography equipment or other hobby hardware, why can’t my hobby be Disney?” I then explained that, at that time an annual pass to Disneyland cost about $200 per person for the top level pass. If you went 12 times in a year to the park each admission costs you about $16.67 per day. If you pack snacks, drinks and one meal and only purchase one meal a family of three can spend about $25 for an entire day of fun. (The prices have gone up considerably since then.) Often we would bring all of our food and drinks. You cannot take a family of three to a movie for $25! I pointed out we spent less going to Disneyland than other people we know spent on their hobbies. Dad saw the wisdom of our ways and stopped making comments on money we spent to go to Disneyland. Ok financial discussion ended but he was still NOT interested in Disney because it is well, Disney.

       So why do many people think is it wrong to like whimsical things? I say it is not wrong. Walt Disney once said, “Some people call my movies corny. Well, I like corn.” I agree with Uncle Walt, I like corn! I like the family friendly no worries entertainment. I love the attention to detail and higher than standard quality of service and entertainment. I love the fact that when going to a Disney Park, Disney movie or Disney Cruise I do not have to worry about what my child, or other children around me will see in the way of entertainment. There may be some things we need to discuss but nothing that is so far out that I would find it totally objectionable.

       With all the day to day stress we need a reason to smile. If that reason is not harmful to body and/or soul then that is perfect! To me that is Disney. I watch a Disney movie and I smile and am encouraged. All Disney movies have a lesson and encourage positive thinking in one way or another. Beauty on the inside is beauty on the outside and love conquers all in Snow White. Help those in need and don’t lose faith in Robin Hood. Keep moving forward in Meet the Robinsons. Hang onto your dreams and don’t lose hope, Cinderella. All have a message that encourages me. Disney clothing is a major thing for me. I always have something Disney on. I catch a glimpse of Mickey, Minnie or Tinker Bell on my shirt and I smile. I go to the park or remember a past special visit and my stress level drops. As it says on the archway as you walk into the park under the train trestle. “Here you leave the world of Today and enter the world of Yesterday, Tomorrow and Fantasy.” We all need to take a break from the stress of today so we can have strength to deal with it and tomorrow.
tinker bell sitting
       Let’s go back to my grumpy dad. He loved to travel. My folks would travel about 6 months out of the year. Dad always said, “When the time comes I can’t travel you can put me 6 feet under.” Now you have to understand my father’s health was never good. He had polio as a child and survived when most others did not. He relearned to walk and grew up to race cars, boats and dirt bikes along with water ski. He lost a leg to cancer in his 30’s and still raced and water skied. He was still riding dirt bikes well into his 60’s! In his 70’s dad lost part of a lung to cancer. This and several strokes took a major toll on his quality of life. Travel was now very difficult and became impossible. As he got less able to travel he became depressed and talked about just giving up on life. My husband, daughter and I rallied around the folks. We went to their home at least once a week to help out. Hubby fixed things daddy no longer could around the house. I tried to help mom clean and would run errands for her. Our young daughter just tried to be a kid and have fun making them both laugh.

       After a couple of depressing years and one major scare dad decided to thank my little family by going to Disneyland with us. Our passes had expired and we were going to renew them and he paid the cost of one day admission so we could renew. Dad enjoyed himself so much he got Annual Passes for both he and my mom! My brother and his family live near Disneyland so the entire family would gather there for any special event, you know birthdays, anniversaries, to celebrate a special achievement and oh just because the sun came up that day! It did not take long until dad was buying all twelve family members the top level pass so he always had someone to go with! I’ll share more about daddy another time but let me say we believe Disneyland gave daddy seven happy years of life that he would not have had without the “Happiest Place on Earth.”

       So when people call me a Disney Addict I say, “Yes, and proud of it!” If they say they want to intervene and change me I say, “Intervention is pointless!” I find Disney a healthy addiction that encourages healthy physical activity, good friendships and happy thoughts. All good things for the body and soul. If you hang around a Disney addict long enough you just may “catch” the addiction!

Minnie Mouse with a Pink Bow

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