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Disney Parks FastPass Tickets Tips and Tricks

Disney Parks FastPass Tickets Tips and Tricks

       Hate them because you feel they are line cutting or love them because they hold your place in line if you are going to use the FastPass Tickets know how they work.

       Ok, you are planning a trip to Disney for the first time or for the 100th time but you have never used a FastPass. All the Disney freaks (yup I’m one) say, “Make sure you get a FastPass for . . . .” You respond with a meek and none understanding, “Sure!” You don’t even know what a FastPass is! Well here is the low down.

       A FastPass is a free ticket you can pick up to “hold your spot” in line while you go and do other things, like shop, eat, ride a different ride or just walk around. You are allowed to have two FastPasses at a time. Here is the information you need to know.

Simple Rules:

1.        When you want to get a FastPass take your park admission ticket and put it into the FastPass machine for the ride you wish to go on. (These are located near the ride they are for.) You will be issued one FastPass Ticket for each park admission ticket you use.

2.   Look at the FastPass Ticket for the time you should return to ride the ride. You are given a one hour window of time on the Ticket.

3.    Return at the allotted time and go to the FastPass line and have your FastPass Tickets ready to show to the Cast Member.

4.     You can have two FastPasses at a time. (Secret, you can have more if your return times have already passed.)


1.        Look at your park map, or look online before you go so you know if your favorite rides have a FastPass.

2.   If a big ticket ride has a FastPass machine and the line is short when you go to get your FP early in the day grab a FP and then go ride the ride using the regular line saving the FP for later in the day to ride that ride a second time. Rides I suggest this for are Star Tours, Space Mountain, Sorin’ Over California and California Screamer.

3.    If your entire group wants to go on the ride get all your FastPasses at the same time. This assures you can all get the passes and they are for the same time. You can hand all your admission tickets to one person while you are in one line so they can go get FastPasses for another ride. The person that gets the FP can then join you in line for the other ride.

4.     Don’t worry if your return time for your FastPass has come and gone. You can use the FP anytime that day as long as it is after the return time. This is how you can have more than two FP in your hand at a time.

Tips for FastPass Tickets for World of Color at Disney California Adventure:

       You must have a FastPass to get into the viewing area for a good view of World of Color. There are 3 Dinning Options that give you a FP ranging in cost from $16 to $40 per person. You can also use the free first-come-first-serve option to get a FP.

1.        The dining plans can be found online at I will be honest I usually go for the Picnic Meal plan that costs $16. This is the least expensive way to assure you get a FP for the show.

a.        For the more expensive Dinning options you make a reservation at one of two restaurants and show up at your set time. You enjoy a wonderful meal and walk out with a ticket to the show.

aa.     You can make the reservations in advance.

b.       For the Picnic Meal it is a little different.
aa. You order the meal either the day before or up to thirty days in advance online only. (There are some walkup meals available on a limited basis.)  Go to and the pull down menu for Tickets.

bb.   You can pick up your meal starting around 11:30 am to 1 hour before the show.

cc.   Hold onto the ticket you are given and show up at the viewing area bout 1 hour before show time.

dd.  The online Picnic Meal Tickets are for the first show. The walkup Picnic Meal Tickets are for the later show.

2.   You can get a free FP for WoC.

a.        All you need to do is go to the FP machines at Grizzle Rapids as soon as the park opens.

b.       All members of your group need to use the same FP machine at the same time or you may end up sitting in different sections for the show or worse yet split between different show times.

c.       WARNING: These FP often are all gone early in the day.

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