Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Oh the Disney Memories of Things Now Gone

Oh the Disney Memories of Things Now Gone

       Yesterdays blog on the Carnation Plaza Garden got me to thinking about other attractions/venues that are no longer at Disneyland. Let me share some of my favorite memories of now gone attractions.

       Lets start on Main Street. One I never saw but have heard about was the Wizard of Bras (a ladies interment apparel shop). There was an apothecary (true old fashion pharmacy) and a smoke shop that sold cigarettes and cigars.

       Tomorrowland has gone through many changes. I remember the Monsanto House of the future. To tiny little me, I must been five to eight years old it looked like it was one hundred feet in the air! Really it was not far off the ground. I also remember the new fangled items in the house, especially the kitchen. I remember the Microwave oven that seemed so fantastic and far out there. I still have to laugh at the round frig that popped up out of the counter.

       20,000 Leagues Under the Sea was always a favorite of mine. I still remember riding that with my grandma when I was around 3 years old.

       America the Beautiful 360 degree theater was amazing as was the Space Exploration exhibit that took its place. Both were there for many years before Buzz Lightyear took that area over.

       The Carousel of Progress was one of my favorite things. With it’s hopeful song that proclaimed that “There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow waiting at the end of every day.” I loved seeing parts of the past and a hint in the our technological future. That ride was replaced by America Sings. I love America signs almost as much as Carousel of Progress. I enjoyed a look at the musical history of our country. When they closed America Sings they used the Animatronic animals in the new ride Splash Mountain.

       There were several rides in Tomorrowland that I truly miss. The Skyway between Fantasyland and Tomorrowland, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Mystery Motor Boats, Flying Saucers (many people have said these did not exist but they did) and the Tomorrowland Stage has undergone many changes. Rocket to the Moon changed to Rocket to Mars and then traveled away forever.

       Frontierland is another land that has gone through many changes. At opening (these I did not get to see) there was a mule ride. Walt thought it was important to keep people in touch with their past. The Indian Village with the Friendship Dance is long gone but lives on in my memories and the memories of others who had a chance to see it. The stage coach train ride to the Painted Desert was a joy but made way for Big Thunder Railroad. Parts of the attraction are either in Big Thunder or are at least remembered in the ride.
       Adventureland has had changes as well. Swiss Family Robinson’s Tree House has been rethemed as Tarzan’s Tree House. I use to dream of sneaking into the park and using the Robinson’s house to sleep in. The Aladdin Theater now a meet and greet was once a Polynesian restaurant with a live show.

       The Rivers of America and Tom Sawyer’s Island have transformed and grown. Gone but still honored by a boat sitting on the side of the river are the Mike Fink Keel Boats. The Island it’s self has undergone many changes. Many of the cave that you could once roam through are closed or have been turned into storage and equipment rooms for Fantasmic. The Fort that you could once play in is still there but the gates have been closed for years. The frontier cabin that was set ablaze by the Indians is still there but the fire is gone and it is now Davie Crockets cabin and his keel boat sits docked on the river nearby.
Mike Fink Keel Boats, Disneyland
       Bear Country became Critter Country and the Country Bear Jamboree was closed. Winnie the Pooh came into the area and added a ride for the little kids to enjoy while the big kids do I will be very honest I wish they would take Pooh out and bring back the Country Bear Jamboree. Splash Mountain. There was the Mile Long Bar food service area that has been changed into a shop. Gone is the long mirror that made the Mile Long look so big.

       As I’m sure you can tell some of the changes I like some I don’t but Walt Disney once said, “As long as there is imagination in the world Disneyland will never be complete.” With the limited space Disneyland has compared to Walt Disney World old things must be removed to make way for new. I look forward to seeing new things at the parks as new technology is developed but I hate to lose old favorites.


  1. Gosh, I haven't been to DL since 1976! I have been to WDW 14 times!! One of these days we are going out to DL and taking in all the differences :-)

  2. Do come see DLR! The park as made major changes but the feel and warmth are still there. Let me know if you do come and I'll show you around.


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