Tuesday, December 11, 2012

World of Color Holiday Addition

World of Color Holiday Addition

For the Holidays World of Color got a special addition at the beginning of the show! It is a fun and exciting way to get the show off and put you in the Holiday Spirit.

At the very beginning of World of Color you hear wonderful calm Christmas music that ends in a screeching halt. Then ash from the fireplace comes puffing out then the two elves from Prep and Landing come out. It is a funny way to start the show and changes into the regular show smoothly.

Here is video of the Prep and Landing beginning:

Here is a bit of trivia about the regular World of Color show ending I just found out and thought I’d like to share. At the very end of the show all of the fountains continue to pop up low and change colors. This continues as the area empties out and the exit music plays. As the music ends a single fountain comes up several feet higher, it is orange in color. It “bows” then rises back up to sink down. The interesting fact about this is it is a nod and bow to Walt Disney, orange was his favorite color.

Here is video of the regular World of Color show:

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