Saturday, December 8, 2012

Imagine That!

Imagine That!

While at Disney California Adventure I happened upon a ‘Play Testing' of a new show, Imagine That! We saw the sign and asked what it was about and decided to hang out and check it out.

Play Testing is when they bring a new show out to test it in on live audiences to see how the public like it and see if it will work in real life.

Imagine That is an improve show with 3 actors and 3 Disney animators. When we were there they had 3 animators from Wreck-It Ralph there to help out with the show. When we first entered the preshow room the animators were playing on computers drawing pictures that showed up on screens behind them.

While the animators were drawing and playing a couple of the actors walked around telling us what the show as all about and asking questions. They told us we had to have imagination and be ready to add our thoughts to help write a new story/show. We were asked what was something we really wanted. One lady answered diamond earrings. Then we were asked what was special about the diamonds, what color were they. We answered blue! These were later used in the show.

After the animators drew a few characters then out came our actor/host. He split the group in two. They asked one ½ to design the hero and the other ½ to design the villain. I was in the Villain group! There were no holds barred! We gave the evil villain bat wings, a tutu, army boots, the hobby of ballet and a pet marshmallow with flaming head that spits earwax. As I said there were no limits placed on the imagination! We designed a world called SoccerVill were all the houses were shaped like balls.

After the design we were taken into another room with large screens and a raised stage in front. Our ideas came to life. Our hero that was ½ penguin and ½ monkey and our bat winged bad guy came out to cause trouble! They were acted out without costume.

The adlib was fun the animation was raw but gives a good idea of how the process of making a cartoon works. I’m hoping that Imagine That becomes a staple of the park. It was fun to be part of the creative process and the Play Testing that may one day bring this show to the park.

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