Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Once Again I Was Asked, "Why Do You Go to Disneyland So Often?"

Once Again I Was Asked,
“Why Do You Go to Disneyland So Often?”

A couple of weekends ago my husband and I had the pleasure of spending 4 amazing days at the Disneyland Resort. 2 nights we drove home and one we stayed at the Grand Californian Hotel with friends. We had just been to the park less than two weeks before for a day. We do an average of 3 days per month at the parks. Sometimes we do as many as 5 days.

So why do we go so often? It is simple we need to recharge, renew and relax. As the sign above the entrance to Main Street says, “Here you leave the world of Today and enter the worlds of Yesterday, Tomorrow and Fantasy.”

When we step into either Disneyland or Disney California Adventure we leave outside the gates the problems and worries of today and enjoy a few hours of laughter, imagination, hope and whimsy. We are reminded that all things are possible if we believe.

For a few precious hours we give into the childlike part of our hearts and accept that Mickey Mouse, Jose the Bird and even Jack Sparrow are real. We laugh and squeal with delight when Captain Hook shakes his hook in our face after we yell out, “Hook is a Cod Fish” as he goes by in the parade.

All of the ‘play’ reminds us that things in the real world are not that bad. With faith, trust and just a little bit of Pixie Dust (prayer in our case) along with hard work and effort on our part things can be made right.

So when times get hard or our hearts get heavy you will find us at the park. It is a place we have found love, laughter and renewed our strength.

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  1. Amen.... when my heart is heavy disney is where i want to be. love it.


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