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An Angel Remembers 25 Voices of Christmas

An Angel Remembers 25 Voices of Christmas

On Christmas Day I wish you Merry Christmas and God’s many blessings.

An Angel Remembers 25 Voices of Christmas is a collection of short stories I wrote for my daughter for Christmas. Each story takes 10-15 minutes to read. I wrote it as a way to share the story of Christmas and make it more alive for her without changing the story. I wrote them as an advent collection intending them to be read one each day during the month of December leading up to Christmas.
Each story is the account of the events leading to the birth of Christ as told by someone we either know was there, because they are mentioned in the Biblical account or someone we can guess was there.
Last year I decided to self e-publish my book.
It is available at the following bookseller websites:
iTunes Store, Barns And Nobel, Sony Kobo, Disel, Page Foundry and Baker-Taylor's Bilo.
It is also available at Smashwords.com for ALL ereaders and even as a downloadable PDF for the computer.

          This is the poem that started it all. An Angel is on its appointed rounds in current day and finds a home that is not celebrating the joyous great gift God gave mankind many years ago. This Angel decides to remind the people in the home of God’s greatest gift of love, His one and only son, God in human form, Jesus Christ.
The house was dark. There was no Christmas cheer on this night of nights. No Christmas dreams filled little heads as they slept tight.
An angel of God saw this lonely sight as she was traveling round about. The angel remembered the Christ child’s birth and she wanted all to remember His worth. She found no stockings hung with care, no garland and lace or nativity set there. What could she do to show them the joy in remembering Christ’s birth in the simplest ways? She knew then she must remind them of the gifts God had given.
So off she went to the forest to find reminders to bring to their home. She called out to all living things be it bear, bird, brier or tree to bring things special to remember God by.
Beaver brought ice cycles, reminders of Christ’s tears with frozen rainbows of God’s promise inside.
Bear brought a garland of fruit a symbol of the sweetness of God’s love.
The squirrels gave nuts the hidden treasure of God’s word. Sometimes hard to open.
Sparrow found holly berries that looked like drops of Jesus’ bloodshed for man.
Mold brought a unbroken circlet of fine gold, symbol of eternity in heaven with God.
A noble fir tree said, “Take me. Christ died on a tree and lived evermore just like I am evergreen.”
The angel took all these gifts and decorated the tree. Then when she was done she took a star from the heaven and set it on top to remind of the Wisemen’s travel. Wisemen still seek Jesus today.
As she was entering the house God saw the gifts and added His own. Snow, pure and white, to show the purity of His love for all mankind.
May you enjoy all the gifts that God has given you this day and always.
©Copyrighted Material By Carolyn Hoagland 1995 Revised July 2010

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