Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Buena Vista Bugle

The Buena Vista Bugle

 Disney California Adventure’s Buena Vista Street is a living breathing community! Every community must have a way of sharing news and have a place to share information and advertisements for businesses. Buena Vista Street has the Buena Vista Bugle Newspaper to fill the need.     

Starting June 15th 2012 Disney California Adventure started putting out the Buena Vista Street Bugle.     This newspaper comes out every 4-7 weeks and at this time they are handing out Vol. 1, Issue 5. It is a 1920’s style newspaper in look and feel. In the newspaper you will find articles and letters to the editor from the Citizens you meet on BVS. Donna the Dog Lady, Calvin the Cop, Molly the Messenger often send letters to the editor. Phiphi Francis the Photographer does a series for the paper called Light My Way. You will also find other articles written by other BVS Citizens you never get to see. Inglebert Irving is the BVS resident food critic. Who Knew? The Buzz with Gayle & Gail is written by well Gayle & Gail.

            You may ask why I find the BVB so entertaining. The first reason I enjoy them is the fact it adds to the small town feel of BVS. The second is it is not only a fun read it is a great way to find information. Listed as ads throughout the paper are quips and tips about shows, bands, restaurants, and the newest souvenirs to take home. It is a great addition to the schedule. In the schedule you see the name of the show and the times. In the BVB you see a review or some other fun bit of information to let you know what the shows are about.

            The first 3 BVB Issues had an extra little bit of fun that I greatly miss in issues 4 & 5, they had Walt Disney Cartoon Strips drawn back in the 1920’s. Every month I make sure to get to the park and pick up my issue of the BVB so I can peruse the pages, enjoying each of the articles and look at the ads.

            When you are in the park and wish to pick up an issue. You can find them in stands placed around BVS. There is one next to the Chamber of Commerce, next to the BVS Red Car Trolley stop, the Information Center at Carthay Circle and in various shops around BVS. If you can’t find a paper stand just ask a Cast Member where one is located or stop in at the Chamber of  Commerce to pick one up.

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