Sunday, December 30, 2012

One Week of Disney Christmas Magic Left!

One Week of Disney Christmas Magic Left!

The Disneyland Resort keeps its Christmas decorations and schedule going until the first weekend in January! That means this year’s Christmas will be extended until January 6th, 2013!

All of the Christmas special events and decorations will continue until January 6th! Santa will be there with Mrs. Claus in the Big Thunder Ranch area to visit with guests. The Christmas Fantasy Parade and Fireworks will continue.

Some things have ended for the season. There will be no more handmade Candy Canes for this year. Sorry folks you will have to wait until next Holiday Season for those.
Now here is the secret! The week just before Christmas and the week between Christmas and New Years are the busiest in the Holiday Season. The week after New Year is much calmer and you will be find shorter lines.

In past years at Disneyland Santa has switched from his standard Holiday Red suit to a green plaid. This is his off season clothing.

I’m not sure what DCA has planned. Santa may no longer be in Elias and Company. If he is he may have his standard suit or switch to an off season suit.

I do know if you wish to see some of the decorations or are not yet ready to let the holiday cheer go Disneyland Resort is the place to be.

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