Saturday, December 29, 2012

Disney Dreams

Disney Dreams

As 2012 quickly comes to an end I start to dream about 2013 and what I’d love to have happen. Dreaming costs NOTHING so why not dream?
I am dreaming of another Disney Cruise. I’d love to go to WDW again then a week long cruise around the Caribbean on the Fantasy. For now I don’t think that will be happening in 2013 but it will be happening in early 2014! Now is the time I need to make plans to save and get ready for my adventure in 2014!
It is my goal to continue to write about Disney here in my blog. I’m also planning on self e-publishing a book or two of tips for traveling Disney. My first will be a book of tips for doing Disney Parks with disabilities. I will not give a blow by blow of how to get on each ride but I’ll give general tips for different types of limitations and ways Disney accommodates the needs of guests.
I am still planning on going to Disneyland as often as possible (hopefully even more than in 2012) and would love to hear what things you all are interested in hearing about. If you ask me questions I'll do my best to answer them.
I know that Candlelight is a must for next Christmas Season no matter what! I am also going to keep an eye on the Limited Time Magic and catch as much of that as possible. I am for sure going to see the Golden Horseshoe Revival show.
Things I’d like to see happen at DLR in 2013. I’d like to see the Billys returned to the Golden Horseshoe. I wish DLR management would drop the idea of charging for Christmas Parties and other ‘special events’. I would LOVE to see Buena Vista Street type Citizens populate Main Street at DL as they do at WDW’s MK.

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