Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Walt Disney, maker of Magic and Dreams

Walt Disney
Maker of Magic and Dreams

What would the world be like today without Walt Disney? I believe this world would have been a cold, dark and very sad world. Today is the anniversary of his birth.

Say the name Walt Disney to children and all most children of today know is the last name and they only know that as the name of a movie company, TV channel and theme parks. They know little or nothing about Disney the man.

Walter Elias Disney was born December 5th, 1901 and died December 15th, 1966. He was a cartoonist, film producer, theme park creator, innovator and patriot. He was driven to create, inspire improve his art form and the world.

We can thank Walt Disney for generations of entertainment that brings together families. We can thank him for edutainment, educational films that entertain as they teach. We can thank him for keeping fairy tales alive by creating a film company that created wonderful movies. We can thank him for our American Air Force. He showed the President of the United States the fact we needed more long range bombers to win WWII. There are many other things he did that have left a lasting impression on our world.

The biggest thing we all remember him for is the legacy of theme parks that give families a place to spend time together. Walt Disney had wanted a place to spend time with his daughters when they were small. All there was available were places like the Griffith Park Carrousel when his two daughters were little. From Walt’s desire to spend time with his girls came Disneyland.  His girls were grown with children of their own when Disneyland was finally built.

I know without Walt Disney and the things he did my life personally would be duller and less interesting. I know the things Walt Disney placed in action have made my life better. Disney Parks have been a place where my family has healed and shared many memories.

Walt Disney inspired generations of dreamers and still does. Some of the current generation may not know of Walt Disney the man but they are still inspired by all he left behind. I pray that more people will share with their children information about Walt Disney the man. Go find books and look on Wikipedia. See for yourselves how much he has improved this world.

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