Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Photo Spots

Christmas Photo Spots

Everybody has a favorite Christmas photo spot while at Disneyland. Some must get a Christmas photo with Santa, Mickey in his holiday best or one of their other favorite characters. Some must have their picture taken in front of the Castle. Others must have their picture at the park’s main Christmas tree.

We love all of those spots as well but also have a few others. There is a set of stairs behind the shops in New Orleans. We have our picture taken there most years. We also love having our picture taken in the French Market Café where we fell in love.

Now that Disney California Adventure is a decorated for Christmas there are even more in park picture spots! Buena Vista Street has many beautiful spots. Santa is in Elias and Company, Mickey and the gang can be found wondering around and then there is the Christmas tree.

Cars Land has so many choices! Santa Mater is out by the Cozy Cone for a good portion of the day. The Stanley Claus statue is fun place for a family photo. Any one of the ‘Christmas Trees’ in front of the rides or shops in the area works for a photo spot.

Now let me make some suggestions. Everybody takes their picture in front of the Castle, how about shooting one from the side instead? Maybe shoot up from a low angle. Instead of shooting a picture of your child and Mickey standing looking at the camera try to catch them interacting and looking at each other.

The secret of finding a good picture spot is not looking for the usual places but looking for a place with special meaning to you or a place or angle on an old location that brings out your whimsical feelings/attitude.

When shooting pictures with the characters play it up! Let go and have fun! Let Phiphi the photographer flirt. Let the characters and the Photopass Cast Members give you hints on what would be a good shot.

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