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An Angel Remembers 25 Voices of Christmas, David the Shepherd Boy

An Angel Remembers 25 Voices of Christmas

An Angel Remembers 25 Voices of Christmas is a collection of short stories I wrote for my daughter for Christmas. Each story takes 10-15 minutes to read. I wrote it as a way to share the story of Christmas and make it more alive for her without changing the story. I wrote them as an advent collection intending them to be read one each day during the month of December leading up to Christmas.
Each story is the account of the events leading to the birth of Christ as told by someone we either know was there, because they are mentioned in the Biblical account or someone we can guess was there.
Last year I decided to self e-publish my book.
It is available at the following bookseller websites:
iTunes Store, Barns And Nobel, Sony Kobo, Disel, Page Foundry and Baker-Taylor's Bilo.
It is also available at for ALL ereaders and even as a downloadable PDF for the computer.

          The Bible does talks about the shepherds in the field being visited by the angels. There is no account how many shepherds were in the field or the ages. Their individual reactions were not recorded so I was left to assume what may have happened. At that time in society a child’s future was decided by his parents status. If your father was a carpenter you learned from him and became a carpenter.
          What if there was a young boy just learning his trade with his father in the field that amazing night? What would his view of things been? Let me share his voice.

I was out with my abba and the other shepherds That Night. You know, The Night the angels came and told us shepherds about the baby! I was watching my sheep. Well, I was watching my one little sick lamb. I was keeping my lamb warm with my blanket. Well to be truthful I fell asleep with my lamb under my blanket. That’s why I was asleep when they first appeared. At first there was this one big angel telling us about a baby wrapped up in blankets all asleep in a manger and all other kinds of stuff. Then the whole sky was filled with angels! They were singing praises to God! It was so beautiful! It almost made me forget how sad I was because my lamb was so sick and weak. My abba said she would not live. I prayed to God asking that she would live. Such a sweet little lamb she is.
Abba and his friends talked for a few minutes about what had happened before deciding that all of us had to go and see what the angels were talking about. We had to go and find that baby. I did not want to go. I did not want to take my lamb anywhere. Abba said I had to go with them. So we went to town. It was late at night and the gates of the city were close. We watched the gatekeeper and when his back was turned we slipped into the city to find the child.
What we found was marvelous! There was a little baby boy in a manger just like the angels said! He was so sweet and cute!! He seemed smarter than any other little babies I had seen. I know what I’m saying, I’ve got two little brothers and a new little sister. They were not this awake when they were this small. His name is Jesus and He smiled at my abba and the other shepherds! His parents did not mind that we brought our sheep or that I had my lamb with me. He looked at me and my little lamb. He smiled at us! My lamb started to wiggle in my arms. She jumped down and walked over to the little boy! She nuzzled His hand and started eating the hay from His bed. She was not strong enough to eat before! She had not eaten in several days. She was better! I was so happy. This really must be a special little boy. What the angels said about Him being the Savior must be true. Savior or not He is precious to me!
Have you gone to see Him yet? I can show you where He is! Just ask anyone to point me out and I’ll take ya to Him! My name is David. I hope He will smile at you too!
©Copyrighted Material By Carolyn Hoagland 1995

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