Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What the Heck is a Premier Disney Parks Annual Pass and Why Should I Get It?

What the Heck is a Premier Disney Parks Annual Pass and Why Should I Get It?

If you already have a Premium Annual Pass to Disneyland or Walt Disney World and you are planning on visiting the other Disney Park before your pass expires consider upgrading your current DLR or WDW pass to a Premier Disney Parks Annual Pass.

What is the difference between a Premium Disneyland/Walt Disney World Annual Pass and a Premier Disney Parks Annual Pass? Well the Premium Disneyland or Walt Disney World Annual Pass allows you to get into that Disney set of Disney Parks only. If you have a Disneyland Premium Annual Pass you can't use it at WDW and vice versa. With a Premier Disney Parks Annual Pass you get unlimited admission to ALL Disney Parks in the United States of America. You also get the discounts and special offers given to the Premium Annual Passholders for the park you are at. That includes free parking, discounts at restaurants and shops along with hotel and tour discounts. The Premier Disney Parks Annual Pass costs $799 per person for one entire calendar year of Disney fun. This is great for the person planning on traveling between both parks several times in one year.

Why should you get a Premier Pass if you are only going to the second park once during the year? You will not have to purchase park tickets and consider the discounts! This can be a great savings! You could save the difference or more between the Premium pass you have and the Premier pass in the cost of park tickets alone. Add the discounts at hotels, shops, restaurants and on tours and you could save a considerable amount of money. Add the monthly payment play for local residents for DLR or WDW Annual Passes and this makes is an easy way to pay. (More on this later.)

At this time the Disneyland Premium Annual Pass is $499 (adults and children pay the same price) and the discounts you receive with this pass are extensive. The Walt Disney World Premium Annual Pass for none Florida residents costs $691.19 for adults and $636.87 for children. There is a discount on the WDW Annual Pass for Florida residents. The discounts at Walt Disney World are different but still very good.

If you are a Southern California or Florida resident you can make payments for your local Disney Park Premium Annual Pass or for the lower level passes offered. If you can't afford $799 at one time consider purchasing your local Disney park pass and making monthly payments (no interest at this time). For the Premium Disneyland pass that works out to about $36 per month. After you have purchased your local Disney park pass upgrade it to the Premier by paying just the difference between the pass you have and the Premier. For example Disneyland's Premium Annual Pass is $499 so you would pay $300 and that pass is upgraded and will expire on the date your original pass would have expired. You just continue making the monthly payments on the $499 portion of the pass. This way you can make payments instead of having to pay the entire amount at one time. Just remember to get your LOCAL Disney Park Annual Pass first then upgrade later.

Another suggestion is don't wait too long to upgrade to the Premier Annual Pass after getting your local park Annual Pass if you know for sure you will be going to the other park. The reason is the price does go up. In the past year it has gone up twice for a total of $100! The Disneyland Annual Pass price only went up once in the same time.

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