Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Look Back at 2011

A Look Back at 2011

As I was trying to come up with an idea for today's blog I got to looking at my pictures from Disney trips during 2011. I realized it was an amazing year at Disney for me.

January was a fun month with a visit for our anniversary and another to get pins for friends. What was amazing was January was the start of a monthly visit to DLR with my BFFE (Best Friend Forever Ever) Wendy.

February was a visit for my birthday and then another trip for a pin for friends.

March was a very busy month!! A Disney Cruise on the Wonder to the Mexican Riviera! What a great week that was! Four days after the cruise I had a girl's day at the park to pick up the monthly pin for my friends. While we were at the park Walt's Basement Duffy Bear jumped out of my bag and wondered off!

April had one visit to the park. My husband I meet our friend at the park again for a fun day of playing around. While we were there Duffy's new friend returned him to us.

May we went to the park once and enjoyed a fun visit to both parks.

June we had two visits to the park. One visit was for my husband's birthday! What a wonderful month and a fantastic way to celebrate! To make the visits even more fun the Soundsational parade came to the park for the first time!

July we spent the 4th at the park. It was crazy hot and packed. We have a special place we like to see the fireworks from. We sat down at noon to make sure we could have those seats. We enjoyed the fireworks with great friends and then joined another for Fantasmic after that! We also went back for another visit at the end of the month.

August was a crazy fun Disney month!! I went to Disneyland three days and to the D23 convention just down the street from the parks. I had the pleasure of meeting my new good friend MouseJunkieDrew and his wife when they came for the D23. Thank you City Stroller Rentals for sponsoring my visit to D23!

September was a one visit month.

October had two fun days at the park! It was the start of the holiday fun with Jack taking over the Haunted Mansion! The Halloween decorations were fun.

November was a great month with only one visit but the Holiday décor was in full swing! How magical Disneyland is during the holidays!

December is a month I love to go to the park, if I could I'd go for at least a few hours every day. We got there twice and loved every moment of our time there. It is romantic during the holidays.

Thinking back over all of these fun days of the past year there is one thing that ties them together. Time with people I love in a place that shuts out the harsher realities of life for a few hours. The cruise was a time I spent renewing my relationship with my husband and my dear friends. Days at the park were the same. I look forward to more days like this with friends and family. Days like this are important. They give us a chance to recover from the daily grind, renew relationships and the ability to continue.

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