Friday, January 6, 2012

Dealing with Disney Disappointment

Dealing with Disney Disappointment
Us celebrating our 25th Anniv in 2005 on the Disney Magic.

Thursday we should have been at Disneyland enjoying our anniversary. Sad to say it did not work out the way we planned. Wednesday we got a call saying we had to do something on Thursday that would not allow us to go to Disneyland. What was even more frustrating is we had already scheduled this appointment for just 10 days later so it would not conflict with our anniversary. We tried for a good portion of Wednesday to reschedule the appointment and make a compromise but none could be reached.

Our hearts were crushed and we were angry we could not go and celebrate our special day where it first began. Our plans of riding the train all the way around the park, hopefully in the Lilly Bell and walking through the park stopping at all the places that mean something special to us were dashed. A friend was going to join us as well. It was questionable if she would be able to join us if we changed the date.

While we were getting ready for and dealing with our appointment we found ourselves talking about the visit to the park we were missing. We would go from being angry and upset at missing the time we wanted to have to remembering past good times and laughing. The laughter won out and in the end we rescheduled for Sunday. We made a choice to put aside the anger and disappointment and look forward to the Sunday after our vacation.

In some ways Sunday will work out better. Where before one dear friend could join us now our friends husband can come as well! So, sad as it was to have our plans messed up it worked out ok. We will still try for a ride on the Lilly Bell and visit all of our special spots.

After our business was done we did celebrate ON our anniversary. We chose to go to a movie and dinner. It was a good movie (not Disney but still very good) and a fantastic dinner at a restaurant we enjoy going too occasionally but had not been too in a long time.

After we got home from our movie and dinner we realized that what made it possible for us to put aside the anger and disappointment and celebrate instead was Disney! We found once we started talking about what made Disney so enjoyable, memorable and romantic we could not stay hurt for long. Instead of being angry we started making plans for another day.

So the next time you get disappointed remember the good times and think about how you can make plans to make up for it.

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