Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!


Update on Disney's New Year's Eve Announcement!

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What Would You Do With One More Disney Day?
Take a full 24 hours to create as many memories as you can — because on Leap Day, 2012, Disney Parks are celebrating like never before!
For the first time ever, both Disneyland Park and Magic Kingdom Park will be open for 24 hours of wonder, imagination and magic starting February 29 at 6:00 a.m.
Plus, beginning January 1, 2012, Disney is giving away a vacation package every day until February 29, 2012 and has an exciting special offer!
Take part in One More Disney Day, then share with other fans at Let The Memories Begin.
One More Disney Day for Free!
You Could Win One of 60 Vacation Packages

          Happy New Years my friends! May you have a year filled with peace, joy and Disney Magic!

          New Year's Day is often a day that people make plans and set goals for the New Year. You may wish to quit smoking, drinking, lose weight or just live a more healthy life style. So what is your goal for this year?

          My husband and I have a goal to be healthier. To reach that goal my husband and I have plans to learn to dance, swing dance in particular. The reason we want to learn to dance is so we can dance together when we are on the Disney Dream in early 2014. There are many "nightclubs" on the ship with plenty of opportunities to dance. Neither of us enjoy sports or regular exercise. We do enjoy a good walk but never seem to find the time to do it.

          On our honeymoon I wanted to dance with my new husband. We will celebrate our 32nd anniversary on the 5th and we have never danced! My husband is heard of hearing and he has a heart problem that gives him an irregular heartbeat. With hearing loss and the strange heart rhythm he just can't seem to find the rhythm in music. He can't even find rhythm in walking!

          How can Disney help you get healthier? How about walking! During a string of ten visits to Disneyland we ware pedometers. We found we walked an average of fourteen miles in a day at Disneyland. If you can get to the park on a regular basis it is a great place to just get out and walk! There are groups of people that meet at scheduled times at the parks to walk just for the exercise. The beauty, safety and enjoyable atmosphere encourage you to do it on a regular basis.

          You can also use an upcoming Disney vacation to encourage you to get healthier. Think about how you will look in the pictures. Do you want to lose weight so you look good in the pictures? Set a reasonable goal! Don't expect to lose 20 lbs in a month! That is not reasonable or healthy! It is better to be a little overweight and healthy than lose weight too fast or in dangerous ways and damage your health. How far will you walk in a day at a Disney park or on the Disney Cruise? Start walking now to build yourself up so you can easily walk all day and into the night! Do you want to do a Disney Marathon? Well start building yourself up!!! Can't dance and want to be able to dance the night away on the Disney cruise?? Take those classes and practice!! Dance is great for building endurance and dropping weight! Add that dance is fun and it makes your "workout" more like play than work!

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  1. Congrats on your 32nd! Good luck with the dancing!


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