Monday, January 30, 2012

Good Eats at Disney California Adventure

Good Eats at Disney California Adventure

One of my favorite places to eat in the parks is Lucky Fortune Cookery Pacific Rim Foods over in the Pacific Wharf area. It is a mix of Chinese and Japanese foods. I am not a big eater and the child's meal is perfect for me.

There are several wonderful places to eat in the Pacific Wharf area. Besides the Lucky Fortune Cookery there is the Cocina Cucamonga Mexican Grill, Pacific Wharf Café and Rita's Baja Blenders. You can find something to please every member of your group in the area. No matter what counter service restaurant you choose you can find a table to sit outside and enjoy your meal. The area has the feel of a California Wharf. You can sit in the middle of the restaurants or choose a table near the water. Either way you can enjoy the live entertainment that is often in the area during the lunch and dinner hour.

Lucky Fortune Cookery is my favorite with its Pacific Rim inspired menu. Discover the delicious good fortune of fresh made-to-order rice bowls at this Pacific Rim-inspired quick-service restaurant.
Sign for The Lucky Fortune Cookery

Cocina Cucamonga has a Mexican menu. Dine on fresh, flavorful Mexican food from this counter-service restaurant. The menu reflects California's rich heritage of integrating Californian and Mexican flavors, including chicken tacos, carne asada, tamales, burritos and nachos.

Sign for Cocina Cucamonga Mexican Grill, hosted by Mission Foods
Pacific Warf Café has a Californian inspired menu. Browse a health-conscious variety of healthy choices and fresh-baked bread from the world-famous Boudin Bakery. Enjoy scenic wharf-side seating as you dine on crisp salads and hot soups served in delectable bread bowls.

Directional Signs in the Shape of Fish Pointing Towards Pacific Wharf Café

Rita's Baja Blenders is a good place to get something to drink, especially for the adults. Select from a variety of icy, inventive margarita flavors and have yourself a fiesta. An old water tower from an abandoned fishing warehouse has been adapted to a much more festive function: a blended drink dispenser!
Sign for Rita's Baja Blenders

 No matter what type of food you like I think you can find something in this area to fit everybodies taste. Enjoy!

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