Thursday, January 5, 2012

Today My Husband and I Celebrate Our Wedding Anniversary!

Today My Husband and I Celebrate Our Wedding Anniversary!

I thought I'd share the story of the love of my life today. Yes it has a tie to Disney!

Years ago my friend Allan set me up! I had not seen Allan in years and asked him to come to my house to have dinner with my roommate and me. Allan called 15 minutes before he was to arrive and asked if he could bring a friend. Because he lived over an hour away from me I asked if he would be late. "No, I'm calling from a payphone around the corner." He responded. How could I say no? 10 minutes later Allan and his friend Scott showed up at my door.

Scott and I hit it off right away. He was easy to talk to and we knew we would be best friends forever! We quickly realized this was a set up and told Allan, "Best friends forever, romantic NEVER!" This became our mantra for the next year.

During the next year we did not see Allan much. He returned to college hundreds of miles away. Scott and I spent a lot of time together. I helped him study for his college courses. We were just a couple of friends having a great time enjoying each other's friendship and company.

When Scott graduated from college and passed his Respiratory Board exam with high marks I took him to Disneyland to celebrate. We were just two friends celebrating a grand accomplishment. We had a fantastic time riding the rides and just enjoying a great day. At dinner time we decided we wanted more than burgers and fries and stopped at the French Market Café in New Orleans Square to eat. We were enjoying our meal and the music the live band was playing.

The band at the French Market started playing love songs and dedicating the songs to US!!! We laughed and told them we were just friends. They smiled and told us they had the Disney Magic and knew we were in LOVE. The insisted they could see the love we had for each other even though we were not holding hands or making goggle eyes at each other! We RAN away as quickly as we could!!!

One week later I was visiting my friend Scott at his apartment. His family and friends were there watching a sporting event that neither Scott or I were interested in. Scott called me into the kitchen and gave me a passionate kiss! As he let me go and turned to walk away he said, "Deal with it." I did not know what to think. As we spent time together over the next few days he reached out and held my hand often, something he did not do before. I finally asked him, "Does this mean we are dating, you know are we boyfriend and girlfriend?" Scott's response, "I guess so."

About a month later we were throwing an anniversary party for my husband's father and step-mother. At the party things were said and emotions ran high. Scott was hurt by the things said and grabbed me in a big bear hug. A friends little girl was caught in the middle. Scott looked down and said, "I want 6 of these with you. Be the mother of my children." I did not know what to think. I did not know how to respond right then in the midst of the heated emotions so I let it go and tried to sooth his hurt feelings.

Over the next week Scott started talking to me about how we would raise our children and handle married life together. At the end of the week I asked him, "Scott, Does this mean we are engaged?" His response, "I guess so." How romantic!!! Not exactly how a girl dreams of being asked to give her hand in marriage!!

About 6 months after our visit to Disneyland and the Band at the French Market telling us we were in love we were married in a friend's backyard! It was a simple affair with only our close friends and family.

Today we are celebrating our 32nd Anniversary! When asked how we managed to stay together so long we have this simple saying. "All it takes is Faith, Trust and a little bit of Pixie Dust." That is Faith in God, Trust in each other and the Pixie Dust of God's many blessings and His gift of childlike joy and whimsy.

If you are married or thinking of getting married I pray you are blessed with a wonderful spouse like I have. May you find Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust in your relationship.


  1. Happy ANNIVERSARY SCOTT AND CAROLYN!! I am so glad that I not only to know you as dear friends, but as like a brother and sister!! Thank you for making me feel like family!! I wish for you many more yrs together!! I hope to be able to see you soon and spend another day with you both at Disneyland!! Love and hugs to you both!!XOXOXOX (((((SCOTT&CAROLYN)))))

  2. Thank you Margo my Pixie Sis!! We love you too!

  3. Congrats! I'm so glad you have your Prince Charming! I have mine and we have been married 26 1/2 years! We love all things Disney.

  4. Thank you!! Wow!! Congrats on 26 1/5 years!! Sounds like we both found our Prince Charmings!


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