Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jolly Holiday Bakery - Review

Jolly Holiday Bakery

I'm sorry this blog is going up so late. I just had to post this and after a day at Disneyland was too tired. Then when I went to post my pictures were not accessible on my overfull external drive. I was only able to post the 3 pictures above. I have more but I can't get them to load.
Sunday was an AMAZING day! Lots of first and special things happened as my DH and I celebrated our 32nd anniversary. For this post I'll tell you about one fun new restaurant at Disneyland, The Jolly Holiday Bakery.
The Jolly Holiday Bakery has taken over what was recently the Annual Passholder Services building on Main Street. It is right at the end of Main Street just before the entrance to Adventureland. It opened on Saturday, January 7th the day before our visit.
This counter service bakery/café serves baked treats, sandwiches, soup and quiesh.  The restaurant has a Marry Poppins theme with Penguin servers depicted in the windows and period correct décor inside along with some pictures and figurines of Marry Poppins. After purchasing your meal at the counter you can find a table outside in the large outdoor patio area to enjoy your meal or take it along with you has you head out to other areas of the park.
The dining area is a undeniably perfect spot to enjoy watching the happenings on Main Street and take in the breathtaking view of Sleeping Beauty's castle. The fun yellow and white umbrellas just add to the perfectly perfect feeling. Even with the line for the bakery being long it was not hard to find a table.
The servings are generous for the prices charged. There were four people in our group and between us we ordered three different meals. All the food is premade and in a case ready to serve when you walk up. One ordered the Angus Roast Beef Salad. Because the salad was premade the request to hold the onion from the salad could not be done. The salad was fresh and not wilted. The stake that was served in the salad was cooked correctly. The Hot Angus on Toasted Onion Roll was very good. The sandwich was basically premade in a case when we walked up to the counter. They just heated it up. The meat was cooked medium (the way we prefer) and the bread along with the other items on the sandwich was fresh and tasty. Two of us ordered Jolly Holiday Combo, a Toasted Cheese sandwiche. The sandwich was served with your choice of bowl of Tomato Basil or Clam Chowder Soup. We both chose the Tomato Basil. The soup was good but they did not provide crackers to go with it. The Cheese Sandwiches were correctly cooked but appeared to have been left under the heat lamps too long. The cheese at the side was dried out as were parts of the edge of the bread.
We will be going back to the Jolly Holliday to try their baked goods some time soon. The Cinnamon Rolls looked and smelled wonderful as did the cookies and other treats they have. The Cinnamon Rolls are huge, approximately 5 inches in size! We asked some people eating them if they would suggest we get one and they gave it a big thumbs up. I believe my DH and I will have to share one and even then we most likely will not finish it! I will give Jolly Holliday another try because I believe this is a new restaurant and they are still working some things out. I am sure given time and guest feedback they will correct the minor problems they have.

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